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  1. i dont know if ive yet to suffer an IB but ive used it for about a week so far, and its clearing up this horrible breakout of acne that i had. ive had it for months and finally its clearing up. but i have been mixing it with persa gel, (BP 10%) like someone else mentioned on here. and maybe thats whats helping. and not jinx it but really llooks like my blackheads are clearing up. i love the way my nose looks for the first time in YEARS>
  2. Hi, So i'm dying to go on accutane. I've only heard good things overall about it, watched about a hundred youtube videos, read a million logs. I'm not scared of the side effects, believe me I'd rather have dry skin that CONSTANT nausea from antibiotics, or the fear of hyperkalemia from spiro or of dvts from bcp. My point is that everything I've been using so far has had the potential for horrible side effects so accutane doesn't scare me. But my parents need convincing! Theyre both doctors and
  3. Hey everyone! Im considering accutane. The biggest problem for me is that I study in Europe and will be for the next four years or so. If needed, I could come back for a couple days for my appointment and bloodwork each month, but i need to know how long all of that takes per month. What I mean is at what point each month do you see your derma, when do you get the blood test, when do you get your new pills, etc. I cant be gone from school for longer than a week and thats pushing it. Also, i a
  4. after you got off of birth control how did your skin look? this is my biggest worry as ive been on bc before but started breaking out after i got off. also, started getting the typical hormonal acne seven months after getting off the pill. the jawline persistent acne. that unlike before does not heal, simply gets inflamed and cystic in different spots every couple days. i dont want to be on birth control for the rest of my life. my doctor is going to put me on spiro, see where it goes from ther
  5. hey so im new to this. i havent really been on medication because up until now my acne was manageable. i used topical OTCs and it was ok. but the past three months i got this horrible breakout along my jawline. that wont go away. its cystic and ive never had acne like that before. my derm says its hormonal which i suspected. so should i try spironolactone or accutane. i hate that spiro seems like a never ending process, a med that you have to stay on whereas accutane is a 6 month process and th