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  1. Hi, I have a question regarding the amount of Bp to use. I do have have ANY acne on my forehead and is completely clean on that area. But I have bad acnes on my cheeks, I am wondering how much BP should i be using. I have been using almost about 3/4 finger length for 4 weeks and my skin is red (not dry tho) and I am still breaking out now. Should I increase or decrease the amount? Thank you!
  2. used BP again today(morning and night) - Super red and itchy, I am switching back to Neutro's Spot treatment(although i don't really like it because it often leaves white residual on my face but it's better than alll those redness and itchness)
  3. Woke up today, my face isn't that red, but still damn itchy don't know why. Maybe it's just my face? Cause i tried to apply the B.P. under my jawline and on the back of my arm, and nothing relaly happened....hmmm, I think we need to get our face in a good condition(moist, non-drying, and red free) first and then use Dan's 0014 BP, and see how is gonna go...
  4. I have been on the regimen for more than 3 months now, and like two or three weeks ago, I started using Dan's B.P.(the batch# is 0014) instead of Neutro.'s Spot treatment. The first time I used Dan's B.P., my face got super red and itchy(just one pumple) which never happen before. I get some redness from Neutro's Spot treatment but not the super redness and itchness. Then i think to myself, yea, maybe it's just that my skin getting use to Dan's B.P., so i keep using it and my skin never really
  5. That was what happened to me. I had to stop using B.P for like a week or so ( luckily, i only had like one or two pimples during the break) , and during that time I used jojoba oil to do the mask thing everyday. My skin was really really red and itchy, it was pretty damn bad. So, remember to use moisturizer...
  6. this method worked really well on me, a lot better than just use tons of moisturizer everyday. My skin was so red and itchy due to the dryness i have from the B.P., i tried AHA+, it helped abit but still red and itchy. After giving this method a try, my skin is a lot better now. Nice! Now my face is clear AND no dryness, itchness, or redness!!!
  7. Same thing happened to me. It seems that my skin becomes very sensetive to whatever I put on my face now. Even if i don't put anything on my face - simply after a 10~15mins shower will give me very reddish cheeks(Never happen to me before I used acne treatment products). AHA+ from Dan helped me a bit now, I stopped use any acne prodcuts and just Dan's AHA sometimes. I hope my skin doesn't become permantely sensitive...
  8. Same here, i have been on the regimen for like 3 months now? And now whenever I apply BP, my face will get so red and my friends even asked are you hot or something, your face is so red the whole time when we were having dinner. So I went home, and stopped using BP for like 4~6 days, and just uses AHA(yes, AHA helped alot for the redness for me). After like 4 or 5 days, the redness of my face are mostly gone, just some redmarks which i always have. Then, I thought maybe it's the dryness that
  9. Hi, I have been on the regimen on about 2~3months now, and whenever my skin is really dry and then i applyy BP, after some time, my skin becomes really red. But whenever my skin is moist. enough, it's not as red as it is. So, I want to know if dryness is related to facial redness? Thank you.