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  1. 5 months in and the face continues to look better. Some of you have mentioned the fact that my face looks pretty even toned. yes, it does when the moisturizer is applied. However, my cheeks are still slightly 'burnt' looking before the moisturizer is put on but slowly this has become less and less. It is definitely a good feeling when you have even toned facial texture because it almost blends in with some of the small white pimples i've gotten. And those pimples stay for a day and suddenly van
  2. My only question is do those red spots ever become a full pimple with a white head? Cuz to me, those spots on the jawline look more like raised red bumps from shaving irritation than acne. Have you tried using a shaving toner for after you shave (like aloe lotion)?
  3. First off, you are still going through puberty whether you realize it or not. So in essence, acne will continue to form BUT by treating it you can really sustain the effects that are visible. #1 confliction: Although you say the BP doens't irritate you and you feel you don't need moisturizer, I STRONGLY RECOMMEND you get a moisturizer with spf 30 or above. BP makes your skin very susceptible to the sun and can end up really screwing up your face more (making it redder, skin conditions, leading
  4. Do they come to a head at all like a pimple? if not, it can most certainly be ingrown hairs or a fungal infection. Only way to know for sure is to take a quick trip to the doctor's and let them take a look at it. If ingrown hairs, it will just go on its own. If its a fungal issue, there are plenty of creams that'll dry them up and clear you up.
  5. Like the original guy said, i would simply get a quick doctor's visit if anything. By the way you are describing it, it doesn't sound like an acne related problem. How painful is it? Is it like to the point where you can't even touch it without bringing on tears or is it just this sore that sits there looking ugly?
  6. I'm not sure what you are talking about. The first couple pics were from a friend's camera and the second set were from a webcam on a laptop. That is the reason for the discrepancy as I think you see it. I can assure you tho that my second set of pics looks like the 3rd pic from the first set. Not sure why you would think that lol? @Yankeefan -> I've found that is easier to just center my sweaty activities for before I even take my initial shower and apply the benzaclin. Like for instance
  7. Almost 4 months into this, and everything is looking GREAT! My pics from afore are basically how i am right now. I got a pimple or two over the last two weeks but nothing major. And its great, it seems like the Benzaclin in the day will kinda 'plug' up the pores but then the Retin-A at night will suddenly make them dissapear completely. A one-two punch almost. My skin still is a little dry, but no nearly as much when i started this. Really glad its going through for me and i hope anyone else t
  8. My only connection with a Fungal infection came when i was on Minocyclin. Doctor had me on it for 4 months and suddenly i broke out on my chest, neck and back. Saw a derm and she said it was fungal not acne because of how the pimples were forming. The way i killed it was using Lipox cream perscribed to me.
  9. Just to let you know, Doxy will work only for a few months in which it will most likely help a good amount. However, it is not intended to be a drug to be used indefinitely. My example is my doctor wanted me to to 6 months of it, but by the 4th month i had broken out with a Fungul infection on my back and chest caused by the doxy. So its actually helpful if you use it in conjunction with another perscription, maybe a topical.
  10. Your dermatologist is definitely the first place to go. We can suggest things but without pictures or something else we can't really see what you are up against. Maybe an exfoliating face wash would help, but some swear it makes matters worse so ask the derm.
  11. What are you using as part of a regimen? For me, i found taking a cool towel slightly damp and letting it rest of my face for a couple minutes helping you relax and keep your face slightly damp. Moisturizor is really all you can do tho.... what kind are you using? I'm using Aveeno Positively Radiant w/ SPF 30 and its working fine for me. Maybe cetaphil or such would be better?
  12. Yes there was. Pretty much within a week or first using the Retin-A, i was breaking out on my nose and the upper corners of my forehead rather severely. HOWEVER, the pimples that appeared were not inflamed or hurt at all. I couldn't even feel them. So they just looked ugly ;p That "breakout" pretty much subsided by the end of the first month for me (so like 2 weeks long type of thing), and so far its consistently gotten better all over my face. I was just like most people, worried about breaki
  13. You could try buying a relatively cheap electric razor for like 15$ at a local store and see if that works. For me, when i stopped using a manual razor and went electric, i no longer broke out. I think it may have been i was cutting too close to the hair root and causing scrapes or small cuts without realizing it
  14. i guess i should have mentioned that i'm about 3-1/2 months into this regimen of Cetaphil facial cleanser, benzaclin mornings and Retin-A nightly.
  15. Okay so i had acne all through high school, in fact, i had some of the worse acne EVER i felt. Pic below. I mean, my face was covered in bright red spots and it was continuously coming back as bad as ever. I was only 18 and felt i should have a much better face. Then i did what everyone else does. Used every over-the-counter product i could find. Those of course kinda helped but i still was having major issues with bright inflammation and the pimples continuously reoccurring. At the age o