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  1. ABCNoway


    Wow, I was just looking at my profile after I signed in, and I've had this account since 2004! That's nuts! Anyways tho, everything is going A-OK, pretty much still completely clear. I'll get a few here and there, but nothing thats lasts more than a day and/or is very small and non-inflammed. I wouldn't like to have to go on Accutane again, as well, near the end there I was really starting to get bugged by the sideffects, but I am glad I did go on it for the time that I did, it really did m
  2. ABCNoway

    3 Months

    Sooo... It's been alittle over three months now that I've finished Accutane; end of June, July, August, September, start of Oct, k so more like four months but either way.Skin is looking awesome, havn't had any major breakouts since stopping, reddness is clearing niceless. I have been using Retin-A now for about five weeks or so, .04% strength, and I think thats whats really helping everything heal nicely, I would totally recoomend it, great for stopping any breakouits and for getting rid of any
  3. ABCNoway


    Back when I was really broke I used to use just the plain Dove bar on my face and it always worked really good. So today I went out and bought a pack, now that my accutane course is almost done, I'm going to try that, plus a Clean and Clear saliclic acid astringent. that way I have the gentle cleaning of the bar, but something medicated and alittle stronger to finish up and take off any remaining make-up. I'm hoping that works alright, I thinking that by using something medicated maybe it will s
  4. ABCNoway

    Ten more days left!

    So yeah, only ten more pills left then I['m DONE. That went fast and slow, I'm glad to be finsihed soon though, I;m really not a fan of taking pills, and some of the side effects (although pretty mild) are still getting annoying. MY EYES ARE SO DRY AND RED ALL THE TIME< ARGGGGG! Searously tho, my eyes are driving me nuts. I'm now thinking as to what I'm gonna do after \i finish. I think I'll ask the doctor maybe for some retinal-a and i'll have to get a good ance cleanser and lotion.
  5. ABCNoway

    Pack number 5!

    Well well, It's been a good month since I've posted last, but when there's not much new happeneing, you know... I can't have like twenty posts going "still good!", lol. Aw well, so anyways, yeah, completely clear, I havn't had a zit in who knows how long, and very rarely when I do, it's just alittle one that disapperars before the day is even out. If it stays like this even after I go off Accutane, !!!. That would be awesome, if it dosen't, I'm gonna try another round, my body is holding up well
  6. ABCNoway


    Lol. It's been awhile since my last update, when things are going good, you tend to kinda not dwell on it. Either way, yup, loving the Accutane, my skin looks good. Clear, the redness is going away, it's smoothed out quite abit. I just started my fourth month, so two more to go, and hopefully that will have taken care of that and will stay clear from now on. That's what I'm aiming for either way, lol. other than that, that's it really, like i said, things are working out nicely.
  7. ABCNoway


    Am loving the Colorstay makeup, I usually don't like liquid foundation AT ALL, but this stuff, you only have to use the tinest amount, it dosen't rub off, dosen't get oily, looks very natural, awesome. I got it in Sand Beige and it's a pretty close match, not perfect, but enough that where the foundation ends and regular skin starts, it's still barely noticable, no harsh lines or anything. I use Bosica's makeup remover (which I highly recommend) in the evenings to remove, and as of yet had had
  8. ABCNoway


    Third pack already, things are going fast now! So one random zit on my left cheek bone, but that seems to be it. Lump on my finger is still there...? Not sure about that. I am so dry lately!, I'm practically shriveling up, my eyes get really irratated, my lips are so chapped I have spots that are actually bleeding, my hair is crispy as fuck. I'm making sure I drink lots of water and mositurize, but yeah, I think there's not too much you can really do about that. Went out and bought the spf m
  9. ABCNoway


    Tired tired tired, totally staying home tonight and going to bed early, lol, shit's getting wild and crazy up here. Anyways, I am having an interesting problem, or situation, I dunno if it's quite a problem yet. I've aquired a large, hard, bump on the side of my finger, I've been telling people it's my secret conjoined twin, but searously, what the hell? It seems almost like bone, like it's completely hard, but I can't grow an extra piece to my finger that fast. It's coming right out of my
  10. ABCNoway

    The big Five Oh

    Fifty! Yikes. So as gross as this sounds, I think I'm gonna have to stop washing my hair or something. Maybe just start wrapping it during the day, it is so.so.dry, it's like fucking straw coming out of my head. I just put in abunch of argan oil and it feels alittle bit better, but still. So nothing new, two little ones that are drying out on my left jawline, and one on the right. I get alittle bit of oil on my forehead during the day, but that's going the whole day without any blot
  11. ABCNoway

    Fourty... Eight!

    So wow, how times flies, I'm almost at day fifty, I find once you pass thirty, then it all seems to kind of blend together. Anyways, so my skin seems to be pushing out the last few ones, I get like one small one on my jaw line now and then, but that's it. Almost all the blackheads are gone! My nose pores and empty and skrinking, yehaw. lol. omy, I can't even think right now, my roommate is playing the most intense crazy sounding techno I've ever heard, lol, I can't concentrate on a single thi
  12. ABCNoway


    The good times lol
  13. ABCNoway


    So yesterday totally was the thirty-nineth. Anyways, I have another new zit!!! Just a small one, on my cheek, but urg, not liking at ALL. It better be because I'm (get ready for TMI) getting close to my period, but yuck. Still, I shouldn't bitch too much as well, considering how shit was just like three weeks ago, three zits ain't NOTHING. BOught myself a jar of Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse, gonna try that stuff out. Hopefully not as dry as powder, but less gross than liquid, and i
  14. ABCNoway


    I think, or thirty-nine? Lol. Anyways, two little tiny ones on my left cheek, but they seem to be right at the surface and going away already. I think that might be from Saturday, when I went to Spehora, the make-up girl had the un-socliatated idea (lol, searously, I just about cryed as she wiped my regular foundation off with some werid foaming cleanser and kleenex, my poor accutane skin) to apply NARS Sheer something-something-foundation to my face. I don't think my skin was too happy, in
  15. ABCNoway

    Thirty Seven

    Screw liquid foundation, I almost forgot how much I don't like the finish. Ended up buying Make Up Forever's HD Foundation, which IS a good one, but eh, not for me. I like matte, super matte, I'm gonna head to Sephora tommorow after work and extange it for my usual Mineral Compact, whatever if it's abit dry, I don't like shine. Anyways, little zit by the bottom of my mouth, left side, other than that, nothing else new. My pores are finally starting to empty, in their wake they've left tiny