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  1. Just wondering how many tubes you all bought? and how long does a tube last for you? how much you use...if you use it consistently or nonconsistently.
  2. Where can you get some good tea tree oil? Any Specific Brands?
  3. I've been using the GNC brand of B5 for about 2 weeks. Started at 1 gram..to 2 g now on 3 g. I have nothing to compare it with. Acne that I get seem to be deeper in the skin. cyst like? Where did you get the twinlab stuff?
  4. I did 1 week 1 gram B5.. stomach was normal.. nothing unusual.
  5. anyone used aloe vera for redmarks?
  6. yeah.. i'm on B5 right now.. like 1st week in. Started at 1g and going up 1gram a week. This way as you go up and if you find anyproblems happening you can lower it a bit. I'll tell you, it's working.. i haven't got a single new pimple since. bu the old ones are still there.
  7. Yeah.. I've been on the regimen for a couple months also. At first I experienced redding of the face.. just like a combination of sunburn / windburn / capped face. It was terrible for a couple of weeks. I would say that you see results from the regimen the next morning from the first application. After a while, I would still get acne. Mostly cyst and palpaule acne. Also, quality BP cost a lot for a teeny weeny amount.
  8. I'm trying it now.. starting slow.. 500mg-1g a day. gradually going up each week. Hope it works! I dunno about birth control. I'm a guy. But B5 is water soluble so... if that does anything?
  9. ah... i'm going slow on these dosages too. I bought the stuff at GNC.. couldn't find it anywhere else. Does the brand make a difference? Which is the best?
  10. what kinda aloe vera do you use? How much does it cost?
  11. vicks vapour rub?!?! really? What does it do to the cysts? i thought that since its heat.. is causes it to swell..and get bigger?
  12. Aw, Wow! great to hear that. Do you still do the regimen? or do you just do B5 alone? Have you had any side effects from it? (stomach trouble)