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  1. I'd just like to let everyone know that despite my constant activity on this forum, I HAVE been sticking to both my regimin and my own personal promise to cut down on picking and eventually cut it to nothing. I've been doing great and my skin is clearing up BIG time! Also, I have found that since my skin has been breaking out less I've had no reasons to pick at my skin. I actually got complimented the other day on how good my skin was looking which was a big booster for me! Anyways, for those o
  2. Hey everyone! Just thought I'd let everyone know that so far, SO GOOD! I've been doing minimal picking (here and there sadly, but have been stopping myself asap), and have been training myself to avoid any time alone with my friend in the reflection.. or enemy? Anyways, things are looking up! My old marks are beginning to heal, and scabs that I had are getting smaller and patching themselves up! Also, due to this lack of picking, my blackheads/clogged pores are staying un-irritated, and are ther
  3. Yea, I understand that, I've done a lot of reading on the matter, but what I mean by cure it in 30 days is basically train myself to end it, y'know? I've been working on this problem this for years, but every now and then I'll break out, and end up picking. THAT is what I need to stop. I've decided that I need to make this change in my life. Aso, I've never tried the proactive line, how do you find it? I plan on talking to a dermatologist to try and find products that will work for me. But thank
  4. Hey taylor, thanks a lot! So I went all yesterday and today without picking for the most part! once or twice I'd lean in close to the mirror to check everything out but I would almost instantly remember what I was bound to (well, not to) do! I have a few pimples here and there, but just not picking, along with my daily cleaning routines, has improved things so much. Anyways, I've been reading up about how people are prone to picking during certain times, and that it is somewhat of a cycle. I us
  5. Hi Everyone, Like most teenagers out there, I have suffered with acne problems throughout my high school career. Over the past four years I have picked at my face trying to rid myself of the awful feeling that goes along with facial imperfections. Time and time again however, I have accomplished nothing by doing this. The satisfaction of popping a pimple or unclogging a pore is so momentary, and the wave of regret and realization that settles in afterwards is enough to make me not want to leave