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  1. I'm on my final pill but now my fingers have started to wrinkle...every time I take a shower they wrinkle in about a minute or two they're getting worse everyday what should I do? use my cetaphil moisturizer on my hands?
  2. I've been moisturizing but their still getting worse and its only on one side of my face
  3. I have the Cetaphil Moisturizer, is that good enough? and i've been using an eye cream, should i stop and just use cetaphil instead? On my eyes I mean
  4. I've been taking Accutane for almost 5 months now and I've been developing some wrinkles under my eyes and I can see a little bit of laugh lines starting from my nose. I was wondering if I should stop? Or maybe do something to stop them? They look like they're getting worse every day, and I can't see my dermatologist til next week. Thanks.