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  1. hi! sorry i took so long to reply....but your reply to my message was just what i needed! thank you so much, i really enjoyed the songs, & the verses were great too (: i will try and keep in touch to let u know how everything is going with my acne. i actually have a dema appointment today! so, hopefully things go well. Oh yea & how are you doing with your CSP?
  2. i just joined this site today. i am 17 years old and i cant remember what it feels like to not have to worry about my skin/acne. i also want to note that i am a christian as well, and your message really caught my eye. i am struggling so very much with the pain i feel from having to look in the mirror, or even when i touch my face. i am currently involved with a dermatologist and once a month get chemical peels, i am also taking a prescription call BACTRIM DS. its the third type of pill i have b