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  1. kaleidoscopic.thoughts

    Helps bring down cystic acne and leaves skin baby soft! None really. For me, I usually just use it as a cleanser mixed with fine sea salt, acv, warm water, lemon juice, and aloe vera. I leave it on as a mask if I have time. If you don't like the stickiness then mix it with a bit of warm water or something and it significantly helps. The pros outweigh the cons for me so I'm going to continue with my regimen.
  2. kaleidoscopic.thoughts

    Self-drained my left cheek cyst.

    Yeahh I used to drain all my cysts... made them way worse and generally scar horribly. I find now that my regimen of using a cleanser made with raw honey/ACV/fine sea salt/lemon juice/aloe vera gel/bit of warm water to dissolve the salt, really does help bring the cysts down. I've also changed my makeup to a basic mineral makeup which hasn't clogged or irritated my skin at all. I thought it would look so powdery and gross but it turns out it looks basically flawless if you apply it right. Of cou
  3. kaleidoscopic.thoughts

    Got to ramble on....

    Frustration and anger at having severe acne seem to be a regular thing for me. Which really doesn't help considering acne is hormone related and to a certain extent we control our hormones through our mindset. One thing I've struggled with lately is that though a diet change has gotten rid of all of my blackheads/oily skin/typical acne, I now have severe painful cystic acne that seems to flare up around my period. Ironic really, that at the worst time of the month when I'm most 'emotional' I bre