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  1. If mine show absolutely no signs of movement after a few days I bring out a needle and go to town on them.
  2. When you call in sick to work because of a breakout When you joined the forum years ago and didn't think you'd still be here trying to get clear Why you pop a cyst by pushing it from inside your mouth with your tongue
  3. Haha, this is what i did! I completely agree with you, I felt so much better about myself before my acne even got a chance to get better
  4. Haha, you're not crazy. The majority of people here have gone through the same thing.
  5. I really have lost count of the number of masturbation posts. If you think it affects you, limit it. If it doesn't, don't. END. OF.
  6. I voted for BP, but I only use a 2.5%. Does the job in a few hours!
  7. Haha, same here Maybe something keeps coming into contact with your cheeks during the day/night? It could be a phone, hair, sleeping on your side, helmet? Have a think about it.......
  8. Oh stop it you! I'm actually in love with your head, it's beautiful