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  1. this is depressing what you think. ever since i was three, i always wanted children. this may sound stupid, but i thought my nuts were my children and i named them, lol i was just a kid. now i'm 13 and i still think about children of my own, i got some good names too. my dad has oily face and me too (way oily). i dont have crazy pimples, but i have crazy oily which sucks. why shouldnt we be able to have kids? its not our fault we have pimples and its not my dads fault either.
  2. take one in the morning because it gives you a fresh start at the day. it cleans you hair too. i'm a 13 year old guy and i have nto too short hair so some days it flys up when i wake up and a shower helps a lot. at night, right before i sleep, i use some sort of acne medication (i have lots of neutrogena, clean and clear, clearasil, and oxy). at night, my face feels clean!
  3. just wondering... i get the occasional whiteheads that are easy to pop and give only like five minutes of puss that is hardly noticable. i also get the red ones that hurt when you touch them, but you just have to wait for those to disappear. i get blackheads on my chest, which i dont care too much about. but.... what about those huge ones that suck!! i get one of these every two months or so. it lasts for like 2 weeks for me which is embarassing. when they are ripe and you pop them, t
  4. sup everyone... i'm 13 years old and i think acne is a huge blowdown on my self confidence... to me it is. my face is not plentiful of acne, but it is so oily. i can see oil pools where the oil pores are. when people touch my forehead or something touches it, it gets oily. in school, when i rest my head on a black binder, it gets a huge oil stain. Same thing when i roll my pencil on my nose. theres this one girl i like, but my self confidence is too low. i keep saying, "shes too
  5. hi everyone, i was searching the internet and i found this site about acne. i'm a thirteen year old boy and i have acne problems. my face actually does not have that many pimples... my pimples don't bother me much. but occasionally, i get those red pimples that hurt a lot!! or those pimples with a 2 cm diameter that has a huge explosion and bleeds for a long time and leaves a scab. i hate those. currently i use neutrogena oil free acne wash, neutrogena deep clean, neutrogena clear