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  1. Hello! My derm prescribed Ziana for my mild acne today. She warned me that I could breakout pretty bad from it before it clears up. I'm going to China in about 3-4 weeks and I'm unsure if I should start using Ziana. Do those with mild acne (tiny whiteheads in T-zone) typically experience these breakouts from this product? If so, at what point would it occur and how long would it last? Thanks for any advice on Ziana - I'm really torn at the moment!
  2. Thank you so much for all the advice! @ThePaperBagPrincess Aren't they a pain?! I use a Clean & Clear Clay Mask and it used to work wonders, but my skin isn't clearing up the same as it used to. I'm going to try both of your suggestions, since masks seem to work the best. @goinon7yrsacne I've heard horrid things about Accutane, do you think this sort of acne is severe enough to go on this medication? I exfoliate with an apricot sand scrub I bought (it's nothing fancy) and it does nothing.
  3. Hello! The pores on my nose have always been clogged and the only way to relieve them of this sebum is to squeeze all the tiny pores on my nose. For years it hasn't been much of a problem, I would do this once a week or so and I would be clear for a bit, but lately it's become more severe. I relieve the pores at night and then by the next night all the pores are completely filled again. If I were to leave my pores alone for a week or so and let the acne fester it creates very minuscule bumps on