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  1. I had been using a Lancome powder, but I realized that it wasn't helping my skin at all. Therefore I need to get a different one. I've heard sooo many good things about the Maybelline powder, but also many reviews about how it broke people out terribly! I have pretty oily skin & have to work my butt off to keep acne away, so I'm nervous about trying this.. anyone tried it before?
  2. ms. cross country right here

  3. hey cool we're the same age :) haha. I found that using Tea Tree Oil (100% pure) has helped more than anything. Cetaphil Cleanser, with a Clinique Gel Moisturizer. I also use Differin from the dermatologist. Mornings: Cetaphil Cleanser ClindaGel (Dermatologist) CLinique Moisturizer Night: Cetaphil Differin Sometimes ClindaGel again. Tea Tree Oil
  4. try using Biore strips. I use the Ultra deep cleansing nose strips (or whatever they're called) If you do it right, they help tons. I also use Tea Tree Oil.
  5. I've heard it's worked. I don't think I could ever try it though. Wouldn't the smell be TERRIBLE?
  6. I've heard it's worked. I don't think I could ever try it though. Wouldn't the smell be TERRIBLE?
  7. Mornings I wash my face with Cetaphil. Spot treat with Tea tree oil. A couple hours later i'll use Clindagel. In the evening, I use cetaphil again. Every other day or so, I use St. Ive's Gentle Apricot Scrub. After a while I apply Differin gel and Tea Tree Oil. (sometimes Clindagel again) I have a bad feeling that this is wayyyy to much, but on the flip side my skin is incredibly oily and I always feel like it's gonna break out!!
  8. I woke up this morning, and I find that I have like 5 or 6 (kinda small) red spots on my face. They looked like pimples, so I touched one, but they're flat. Anyone have any ideas for getting the redness down??
  9. Well, you never know until you try it for a bit. I know a lot of people are disappointed with it. I'd give it 6 weeks, and if it doesn't work for you I'd try and switch it. I'll tell you what I use, that has given me the best results I've EVER had. Every night, I use Clearisil. (It works better than friggin' EpiDuo.) Then, I use Tea Tree Oil. (every other day I dilute it with waterr) I use a cotton ball to spread it over my skin. For cleansers I use Cetaphil every day and night. 2-3 times
  10. Ugh, I hated epiduo personally :/ For what they advertise to be a miracle cure, it is nothing close to that. I've used it for about 4-5 months now, and I have now booked an appointment with my dermatologist to change my perscription. I have pretty oily skin, and I don't think this is the right medicine for me.
  11. AHHH! please don't say that! I love it haha
  12. I know for a fact that food is a factor! Greasy foods can eventually cause more breakouts (or so i've heard). ALso, I have read that the chocolate-causing-acne theory is a myth? I recently started eating healthier, and i can totally tell a difference in my skin WATER is great for maintaining clear skin, as opposed to pop or sugary juices.
  13. OHhh i know how you feel on that. I hate haircuts. Once a hairdresser actually asked if it hurt. (WTF? THANKS?) dentist sucks too haha
  14. electricfish7

    -Cheap, easy to find anywhere. -Easy to make -exfoliates -Great spot treatment -Very messy -When it dries, it basically falls off the skin if you move your eyebrow -doesn't spread well Try this, it might work for you. I used this a lot before I started using Tea Tree Oil. I still use it as a spot treatment, actually and it dries up the pimples very quick! I crush mine with a knife. I use the flat side of the knife and push down on each pill. (don't bothe