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  1. Well......For ME... I used to think Dairy was the Culprit because every time I would have a little bit of dairy, I would get huge cystic acne the next day. I was positive it was Dairy. ( But I also ate lots of cow meat when consuming dairy )Then one day I bought some ground beef from the store, made tacos ( no cheese ) with it, and stored the leftovers in the fridge for next day. The next day, I went to try to warm up the taco meat and noticed white maggot looking worms all clustered together in
  2. I finally got the urge to eat salsbury steak. Had a small pimple, too small to notice. After I ate 2 salsbury steaks with mashed potatos and corn, the pimple became very red and visable and bigger. So yeah, I think it's the meat that is causing my acne/pimples/zits. If not, fueling them. What is wrong with this thread? Is it locked for everyone else? Why hasn't anyone responded?
  3. I had acne most of my life. I am now 34. I was still getting acne recently until I stopped eating meat and dairy as much as possible. Now I had not had any real/noticable acne in a month going on 2 months. Upon reading this post by Korion, I am not sure meat or dairy is the cause, but avoiding them sure put a halt to the zits/pimples/whiteheads and blackheads. Maybe my digestion has never been that good and since I have been eating meats and dairy my whole life, maybe my stomach could not handle
  4. You believe what you want to. Genetics only plays a role. Meaning that if my genetics were good, I would not have pimples no matter what I ate. Acne is not caused by genetics. DO NOT BLAME GENETICS for your acne. Your acne is caused by an unhealthy lifestyle and being that the genetics are not so good at fighting toxins, your more prone to getting pimples. I am an example of that. You really are what you eat, and drink. I have lost 15 lbs just from drinking water daily, and I am still eating jun
  5. Yup I agree. Genetics plays a role. Meaning that some people, no matter how poor the diet, they seem to have flawless glowing skin. ( Just like my girlfriend. But she always has stomach problems ) And some people have to eat right, in order to maintain healthy skin. But pimples supposedly caused by genetics I know is false. None of my family have pimples. But I do. Or did. ( Water Folks! ) Those people who have bad diets will be paying for it in the future, maybe not with pimples but with other
  6. Wow.. One glass of water in one day, and no sodas for the day, ain't gonna cure a damn thing. I can drink one soda, and get pimples a month later for it. Or I can eat one candy, and right away get pimples. But I do not really believe what you eat affects you on that particular day. I think if you are getting pimples, your insides are loaded with toxins. YEARS of toxins. And so, with drinking water, you have to drink it religiously. Not just for the day or week. It's kind of like when you barbequ
  7. I have to say, once again, my skin is clearing up with water. Sure, I screw up and have a coke once in a while, and maybe coffee because they taste so good. And I have broke out a few times since I been drinking water, but I think it is normal because there is probably alot of junk breaking down, and when it does, i see pimples. But today for example, I just woke up, and my skin is glowing and 0 pimples. Imagine that! I just woke up and not one pimple or whitehead and skin glowing! Of course I b
  8. Drink water.. Try it! Lots of water and fresh fruits and veggies. Water makes the mind function better, which in turn, gives you self confidence. I'm telling you, I feel so good, and I dont even have a craving for alchohol which I used to love. First week of drinking h20 and a lil sea salt, and staying away from white flour, and can you believe it? NO GAS! I mean, no farts/flatulence whatsoever. So white flour is a culprit for my gas. But anyways, water brought back my energy from my youth, my s
  9. I got a book that talks about the importance of water. I was sick of acne, and I knew there had to be a natural way. Well duh! I have been dehydrated most of my life by drinking caffienated drinks and beer. So I have been drinking water to stay hydrated, and have not had any new pimples since. It's been almost two weeks now and I did notice a few white heads, or an ocasional microscopic pimple, but nothing major. My skin is looking better, more people are talking to me than ever before at my wor
  10. Not sure what can get rid of scars. But I know that most information given about staying away from the sun is false, especially for acne sufferers. I am indoors most of the time because I play lots of video games, and hardly get any sleep. I hear that not getting enough sleep also ruins your body's natural healing process. And boy do I eat alot. I am suprised that I am not overly Obese. But, I think since I eat alot, that is why I get acne. I am left with all sorts of scars. People call me Scar
  11. Hi. I have been a long time acne sufferer for many years. Since I was maybe 14. I am now 33 yrs old and I am tired of it. I tried many products as usual, just like all the others, and guess what? They hardly ever work. Just a few weeks ago I tried a new product called Zyporex. People claimed it leaves your face feeling soft and clean. But in my 8 days of using it, my face feels and looks dry and unhealthy after using it. So, I think regular soap does a better job. Preferably Irish Spring. Before