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  1. Acne: Moderate/Severe Oily: Pretty Oily Age: 16 I just need a simple OTC regimen. Thanks guys! Feel Free to ask questions.
  2. no, the neosporin didn't make me breakout at all. just make sure each time you do apply it you are washing your hands, or use something other than your fingers to put it on. i know exactly what you are talking about with the "sort of" scab, i've had this plenty of times trying to pop something that didn't pop and then taking it WAY too far with any sort of weapon/tool necessary haha. it seems you chose pliers for your self destruction. the timetable i gave you was pretty much my own timetable
  3. http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...H5SQ9.tGQ7B.Gew The ingredients list doesn't list Avebenzone. Could this be the good formula? If so I'm buying it now.
  4. I am in need of a OTC spot treatment. I get nodules on my nose like once a month and I recently tryed a SA spot treatment and it reduced the redness/swelling within hours. Now I have used a BP spot treatment for years. But in a very low concentration. I used a 10% BP treatment and it doesn't make my skin dry at all. But that was a while back. Never really payed attention to its effects. Should I go with the BP or the SA? What brand/product do you recommend? PS : Please no biased answers. I'm ki
  5. I would go for the Purpose Wash. The Gentle Cetaphil is like a thick water with no lather and my face never feels clean after using it..
  6. Yah, but lets remember that there is still a unpopped nodule up under this. Is Polysporin comedogenic?
  7. What about some neosporin according to research it helps scabs heal. I wonder if it is comedogenic. Did the neosporin make you breakout at all? How long did your scabs heal? See I dont even know if I can call it a scab. Its at the same level as my skin. Just like my skin formed over in a different color..
  8. Thanks, Using this method how long do you think it will take to go away? Would you say less than 10 days?
  9. This is gonna sound really crazy. There's your warning. I had a nodule on my nose this morning and I decided I was gonna stick a needle down deep till it popped. Well the needle nearly pierced my nose and I still didnt pop the nodule. So being a dumbass, I said hey! Ima go get some pliers! So im standing in the mirror trying to pop this thing with the pliers and they slip and scrap the top layer of my skin off. Now this was maybe 10 hours ago. Now i'm gonna try to describe the scab to you guys.
  10. I have decided to try out the Max Clarity Foaming Kit and I am searching for a decent moisturizer for my oily skin to use with this regimen. I think I should moisturize only once in the morning with this Kit considering I have very oily skin and will be using the majority of BP in the morning. What do you guys think? I hate to have a greasy/oily look to my skin. I like a nice healthy glow. I have been using Neutrogena Oil Free Healthy Skin Face Lotion for the past week and do not like it at all.
  11. Seems like Dan recommends the Lotion. I see a lot of people use it as well. wow that was quick....thanx!!! :dance: No problem.
  12. Seems like Dan recommends the Lotion. I see a lot of people use it as well.
  13. I have very oily skin, should I still use the Jojoba Oil. What would it do? How much should I use and how?
  14. I have very oily skin, should I still use the Jojoba Oil. What would it do? How much should I use and how?
  15. Hello, I need help deciding on a new regimen which I will be consistently using twice a day for a few months or possibly forever depending on the results. This is what I'm thinking for my regimen: Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser Neutrogena On-the-Spot Acne Treatment till I can get the Acne.org BP What do you think? Im wondering about a moisturizer, my options locally are: Neutrogena Moisture Oil Free Formula Complex 15 Therapeutic Moisturizing Face Cream Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion I can't
  16. After reviewing the Liquid Facial Cleansers that Dan recommends, the only one I can seem to find in my local drugstores is the Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser. I'm tempted to buy it but it has a lot of reviews saying its a very thick lotion-like texture and it doesn't help to clear up acne. Some say it doesn't clean their face at all. Has anyone used and/or are using it now? What do you guys/gals have to say about it? My skin is very oily and I think I need a cleanser that will help control tha