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  1. Hey guys, long time member of this board, used dan's moisturizer for the last 7-8 years. Since he's updated his formula 1 or 2 years ago, I've been having issues, and I think it's time to move on. My two complaints: 1. It doesn't go on as smoothly as the old formula. I have to rub it in harder, and it's more greasy (or at least it feels more greasy) on my face. 2. It doesn't have any SPF. One should really be using SPF at all times of the year, but it's too much of a hassle to apply SPF on t
  2. hey all, been searching and still no luck. been using the oil absorbing sheets occaisonaly, but they are a hassle and i usually flake up when i rub them on my face. any advice is SOOOO APPRECIATED!!!! thanks.
  3. I'm a dedicated regimen user and have been for years. I use a lot of BP and to get rid of flakes, use a lot of dan's moisturizer. However, When I go out at night, my skin becomes oily and sweaty with blotched skin tones. I've tried Jojoba Oil, which is nice but made me break out. I've tried AHA, which is nice but made me break out. I don't really know what to do!!! Anyone have some good tips for reducing oiliness/evening skin tone without making you break out? Thank you so much in advance!
  4. If I buy a moisturizer with AHA in it, does it essentially replace Dan's Moisturizer (which I use for the regimen)? Or do I do some sort of AHA cream in addition to the moisturizer? Thanks guys!!! I'm learning a lot from the helpful people here!!
  5. I've been a dedicated regimen user for 3 years now. It's the best but I'm tired of the flakes and uneven, reddish skin tone. I've heard great things about AHA. are they true? What product should I buy? How do you incorporate it into the regimen? Thanks!!! I know it's kind of a dumb question but I really have no idea.
  6. I kinda lost my regimen for a week, got back on it. I forget to put moisterizer on sometimes, and i recently noticed that I when I forget, my skin doesn't even get crusty like it used to withtout it. Any bad effects? Good? Bad? No difference? thanks.
  7. another thing... how often should i do this? Thanks.
  8. quick question- I dont have any time to be waiting 10 minutes for a vinegar/baking soda thing in the morning. I BARELY have time to do the normal regimen (cleanser, bp, moisterize) before I run out the door. Waking up earlier is unrealistic for me. My question is- Could I just use the egg white mask at night and just do the regular regimen in the morning? Thanks.
  9. hey guys, been on the regimen for a few months now, going good, but im just wondering if its really necessary to use the moustirizer right before i got to bed. thanks.
  10. I've been on the regimen for a few months now, great results. No new breakouts, however, red marks like never before (probably because of bp) are staying on my skin. Keep in mind that these are mild-moderate red marks, however they are embarassing. I do the regimen to a T, and am looking for something SIMPLE (ie not homemade recipes that look more like a chemistry lab than a treatment, nothing that takes 10 minutes just to prepare, etc.) I don't really have any experience in this but if you kn
  11. So come sunday, I will have been on the regimen 3 weeks, ocainsonally skipping a night. But I have a whole bunch of dark red marks that are looking almost as bad as acne. So here's what im considering: Should I go off the regimen over winter break (2 1/2 weeks) to help speed up the healing of the red marks, because i heard the BP slows them way down? Any thoughts? I appreciate the advice.
  12. ugk


    been on the regimen since last sunday, so a week and a day. since thursday, theres been white crumbly stuff on my skin and it looks dried out. i think i may have started out with too much bp, so im only applying it in the night. does it ever stop?
  13. "I cant use it in morning cause it makes my skin go crazy when i put it on and it looks really dried out and white stuff crumbles off my skin even with lots of moistorizer. " Same. How long have you been on the regimen? Does this go away. I just started the regimen about a week ago, and this has been going on for 3 days. whats up?
  14. well, i do put a bunch on. the first couple nights i had no flaking or anything so i figured it was ok to put on a lot more. I've also been on over the counter bp as recent as 4 months ago. I stopped to take retin a micro, but fuck that. 2 1/2 weeks and that was it. so now im doing this regimen for the first time. thought it was really helping my skin, now this peeling/flaking/dry skin. HELP!!
  15. wierd. I was just about to make this exact post. I went on the regimen sunday, so its been almost 1 week. using bp gel, neutrogena oil free moisture spf 15 and basis cleanser bar. Everything was going great until last night, when after i did the regimen i noticed my skin was starting to flake. its only gotten worse, and my bottom half of my face is soo flaky right now. Anyone with any info, can i get some help?