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  1. Don't pick it! It will just make it worse. Just apply BP on it or a SA on it. Or exfoliate. No picking! It will scar. Personal experience. Lol just so you know. Ok...i'll follow the advise! its just ive never gotten one of those uninflamed cysts... >.<
  2. Last year of uni (4th) and I had acne through all of it. Today I was looking at my face and theres this big flesh coloured bump. It doesnt hurt or anything, but under makeup it looks like a cyst, which im almost sure its not. Ugh I may get a needle tomorrow and pinch it maybe?...I wish again that I had no marks on my cheeks so that I can walk around without a ton of makeup, which slides off my face. Im sick of it! And my love life is basically non existent. During broad daylight I turn into a vi
  3. I know the benefits, but I get bored having to exercise for 1h+ I believe that's the main problem for a lot of ppl,
  4. Ok, I decided to try it I'm sick of the expensive treatments which give no results- lasers, peels,antibiotics, homeopathy, cremes, BP, retinoins - I probably spent smth like 10,000$ and more. I am determined to get a glowing complexion and no after acne red marks! They've been staying there for 4, 5 years and if putting urine on my face will help them, so be it! I am a student-to-be-supporting-herself-on-her-own and constant IPLS and whatever arent an option xD Not to mention that they don
  5. Dont apply it every day? And get a better moisturizer - Im using Eucerin replenishing cream 5 % urea.
  6. Heya! A great moisturizer I discovered( just because it had a very sophisticated look) was Eucerin replenishing face cream 5% urea - It is amazing! I cant believe I spent so much money on Avene! Quite moisturising and is an amazing foundation base Don't get the Avene light hydrance - doesnt do a thing! If you can find it, you can also get Avene Clean ac - a very nice moisturizer for acne prone skin good luck~xx
  7. po4emu

    - would use it if I dont have anything else - left my skin dry and uncomfortable - had to put a ton of moisturizer - doesnt take makeup off - doesnt foam Before purchasing this I was using neutrogena 2 in 1 and the gentle exfoliating wash, but then decided to check the notorious cetaphil. I did that mainly because my skin got quite dry due to the retin a regime I've been on to and since ive heard its a great wash i though "why not give it a go" - bad idea. It didn't make my ac
  8. I feel pretty bad - I was supposed to get a pot and some soil for my aloe vera (poor thing has been living in water only for quite a while) but the rough patches on the damn clustered spots + my dry skin made me stay at home + I missed a debate I really wanted to participate in. Acne sux. The only thing that prevents me into bursting into tears is the fact that even more acne may follow : D Today I noticed that I waste so much time on the computer, looking fr remedies and creams...Its
  9. So~ I still don't have an initial break put (whoop, whoop) but my pores look huuuge : D Especially on my nose...""Meh" At least they are clean! I still have some cystic acne - it's not very bumpy, but when I press the place with my fingers, I know there is something there + the place has turned into one red nightmare T_T It resembles an island. + I get some skin peeling on the mark, which is frustrating. Very frustrating. My face turned pinkish...obviously because I dont wear sunscreen,
  10. Ok! To be honest I couldnt help myself and my fear of the initial breakout, so I am after all doing a lower face application. I use the 0.5 % every other and then BP the next day + the doxycycline Is it possible not to have an initial breakout? It's my 2nd day of treatement (involving topicals such as the BP and the retin a as I was using the AHA solution Clean K by Avene before) and my face isnt particulary oily or dry or has any more pimples. In fact I can say it is smoother and the cy
  11. Hi! Erm, I wanted to ask whether it is possible to apply the retin a only to the affected areas - for me that would be cheeks and some scars on the chin, kind of hidden? I'd hate to see my forehead ruined due to initial breakouts /= (I have no acne there, only the occasional pimple near the eyebrow) My derm also prescribed me Doxycyclin and aven clean ac (which i think isn't moisturising enough but oh well) I'm on the Doxy for now as it's pretty sunny here and will start using the retin A o
  12. I use Oxy 10, guess that's the UK version As for the wash - I use a Neutrogena combo Morning and evening - Neutrogena visibly clear 2 in 1 and every 2 days a scrub - the blue one with the brush And a wee update: I didnt realize how important drinking loads of water is... I usually drink 2 cups a day, but now I'm forced to get tons as the fiber is way too much, lol. I dont know whether it's because I spend a lot of time under the sun, tanning and all, or because of the aloe vera gel Ive b
  13. Ok, second day on the treatment - for now I would say that there are no results... But I have a question...that's quite embarrassing, but after taking the fiber pills my excrement became more uneven and my stomach hurts even more...? I have no idea why that's happening as fiber is supposed to make it better oO