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  1. Yes, I think cleaners have done far more harm than good to me. I use a mixture of honey and seasalt as a mild scrub as well as diluted apple cider vinegar everyday. This has made a huge difference and I have seen some wonderful results. I threw everything else away.
  2. Most places recommend you don't take over 10,000 IU a day. To personally make myself feel better about it, I only take 5,000 IU. That is just a tad over what the recommended dose is on the bottle. I feel safe at this amount and have seen good results.
  3. It's definitely not as good. The mother is what has all the good stuff in it.
  4. I am only taking 5,000 IU a day, I would never megadose Vit. A.... Too much risk.
  5. Yea, Vitamin A helped a TON. I take several others, but I think vitamin A has made the biggest difference by far.
  6. This would happen to me because my skin would get oilier as the day progressed. Decreasing my oil production through taking supplements cured my problem.
  7. I take a low estrogen pill and it's still effective for me. If you sit down and talk to your mom about why you want the pills, she may understand. If your acne is hormonal, it may or may not go away as you get older. Your hormones will always fluctuate with the monthly cycle, regardless of age, so it just depends on how you individually calm down. The only thing besides BCP that I can suggest is supplements. A lot of times with hormonal acne, you are breaking out because you are producing a lo
  8. Most girls who experience hormonal acne will breakout the week before their period is set to begin. If you think it's hormonal, try birth control and that should help. Otherwise, you're still young where your hormones are still going to be crazy.
  9. When I first started BCP I was having trouble with yeast infections as well, which always give me bad breakouts, so I'm not sure the effect BCP had when I first started. It's not like you hit the 3 month mark and all of the sudden it's all better, for me it was more of a slow decrease in breakouts over time, starting at around the 3 month mark. I've been on it for about 9-10 months now and the effects have remained.
  10. Give the BCP a good 3 months to work.... It takes about that long for your body to adjust to the hormones being added. BCP did nothing for me at first, but ended up clearing a large portion of acne given time.
  11. I love mineral make-up but found out the hard way that I am allergic to mica, which is the main ingredient in 95% of mineral make-ups. I rarely use make-up now, but when I do I use http://www.corycosmetics.com I can say wonderful things abut their mice-free line, which only has 2 ingredients in it!!! Doesn't break me out and covers up better than liquid make-ups I used in the past. I recommended getting their samples first, which lasted me for weeks-months!
  12. Please refer here: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/topic/315934-apple-cider-vinegar-acv-on-acne/
  13. I buy mine from the local grocery market, otherwise any health food store should have it.
  14. I would dilute it at least half or more the first time you use it, it can be really harsh for some people. Unfiltered ACV is the best, it has lots of brown sediment sitting at the bottom.
  15. ACV being unfiltered and organic makes a huge difference. What you want is the bottle that has a bunch of sediment sitting at the bottom, that's called the "mother". It has all the good and yummy stuff in it.