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  1. SO Happy I finally took the plundge and took Accutane. Like everyone else I tried every topical and medication available for my acne with no success. My best case was taking Doryx (antibiotic) and Spirolactone (for oil) while using 2 different px topicals with an insane skin care regimen as well as including monthly facials and chemical peels. I wish I had done this sooner but I was scared because of all the accutane horror stories. I didn't want acne but I do love my liver. My derm recommen
  2. I feel your pain, my acne story is almost the same, mine has always been the hormonal type. I had really bad acne mainly starting the first year in high school around 14, it wasn't until I got on BC pills around 17/18 that I had any relief. I switched thru several different BC pills over the years all for the same typical problems, weight gain, fatigue, moodiness, etc. I was on Orth-tricyclen and my face cleared almost 100% and I was so happy that I just dealt with the negative side effects. My
  3. I have tried every and I mean every acne px medication on the market since high school and have suffered with acne for years. I recently started using Epiduo gel and have seen a noticeable improvement, I do not have sensitive skin. The key I have found over the years is to balance your skins moisture level even though it seems like the oil is what is causing the problem. So get yourself a good cleanser, I use Philosphy's Purity Made Simple because it cleans your skin without stripping it especia
    Helps inflammation Acne heals faster Expensive even with insurance Drys out skin and causes slight peeling Epiduo gel has really improved my face, my skin is pretty tough after years of using different acne products, I did not get the burning many have reported however my oily skin does get dry and peels a little after using this so I either scale back to every other day or put a calming moisturizer on top after the Epiduo gel dries. Unlike some products I have used in the past this on
  4. I have been on Spiro for 3 months now with a significant improvement ...I was on Yaz but was having really bad side effects and so I went off the pill. I felt 100 times better but my face went crazy to the point of not really being able to leave the house (huge cysts and scarring because I keep trying to pop them). So my derm gave me once a day 150mg doryx (delay release doxycycline) antibiotic to take for 2 weeks to clear up the initial break out, Acanya gel as a topical (clindamycin 1.2% a
  5. Hello there! I'm new to the forum too but definitely not new to acne. Had moderate to severe acne since I was a teenager and now in my mid 30's. So I had the same bad side affects on Monocyclin and my derm switched me to Doryx (150mg exended release). So Doryx is doxocyclin but just a 1 dose extended form. I also take Spiro (25mg) at night before I go to bed (lowers BP but cuts oil in half). So my complete regimen is AM (Cleanse, Acanya gel, oil free hydrating face serum and sunscreen) and PM (C
  6. Had my Acanya gel for about a week and I love it already, it does not stink or leave a residue. My derm also told me (major derm office with 5 docs) that several patients have been on this and had great success, so I'll keep my fingers crossed. The only negative I have heard is that its expensive, they are running a coupon right now so you can get it for $25 for 3 refills. You do get a good size jar so I hope to make it last as long as possible. Others have mentioned sticking their hand in the j
  7. I have had oily skin and acne since I was a teenager, now in my mid 30's. Since I have been fortunate enough to have good insurance thru the years I've tried just about every oral and topical medication as well as chemical peels and expensive over the counter products. The only area I have yet to try are the lasers. I also started working at the cosmetic counter in the mall during college because of my skin so I learned alot about skincare products, cleansers and exfoliators. My acne is mostly