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  1. Avoiding HFCS only kept me clear for so long until I started breaking out again.. Not giving up I kept thinking it was food and went to an allergist to run blood tests (not cheap) but was worth every penny. I found out I was allergic to foods I eat on a daily basis. There were still other foods I was not tested for that I had to figure out on my own through trial and error. I can now stay almost 100% clear if I eat right... no face washs, gels, creams, antibiotics, vitamins, enzymes, powders, no
  2. Figured I would post an update! So until a few days ago I was still getting painful cystic forehead spots that take forever to go away. I kept a food journal for a month. I also tried strict paleo but was not getting results. After 7 years I was starting to just give up and figured I would have to deal with it forever. Why me? What was wrong with me that wasn't with everyone else? As someone with acne you tend to analyze everybody's skin and I could go month's without ever seeing another you
  3. Wanted to give an update.. I was fed up because my regimen was doing nothing for me again so I went to a Naturopath and he put me on Saw Palmetto and Bromelain for hormones and digestion I believe. I was taking that along with the other supplements for a month with no change. Then I started using Witch Hazel wipes, bp and salicylic acid again also. After a few weeks of that I noticed an awesome improvement until I even forgot about it and was living it up with clear skin again! That was up unt
  4. Well it's been another week or so and my skin has gotten worse! The right side which was always bad is clear and the left which was always good is bad wth!! I had 4 or 5 painful breakouts higher up on the corner of my forehead which I never get. Any thoughts? I know the fiber and smoothies must be doing something because my bm's are soft and dark green. Going to keep going and hope for the best.
  5. Well it has been a little over a week since I started to get serious about my regimen. And........im getting clear! The right side of my forehead which is always the worse has no new spots and the old spots are fading. The first few days my skin was getting worse but almost over night it turned around. I now have only 3 active spots and those were from the other day. I believe it is the green smoothies, fiber, and probiotics as I said before I have been on the supplements for a while with no vis
  6. Hi all I wanted to post my regimen and keep a log to see if I improve. I have posted a few times over the past few years but usually just browse. Anyways i'm 27/m and have been fighting pretty bad forehead acne for the better part of the last 4 years. I had a bit before then also looking at old pics but for some reason it never bothered me. I had average acne as a teen then a clear time of 2 or 3 years then my forehead exploded and I was depressed and didn't want to do anything at all. I went to
  7. Hi all I have a question pertaining to the liver. I have been taking a milk thistle, dandelion liver pill for a few days and have seen major improvement on my forehead. I also am taking colon cleanse to clean me out. I was wondering being the liver cleanse is working..how long can I take these safely? I like the results but dont want to harm myself. Btw im 25/m and only have acne on my forehead. Also sorry if this is posted in the wrong area. Thanks!!!
  8. Hi all, I have been using Epiduo for for over 6 months and it has helped me out a lot. my problem is it never really clears my skin 100%.. I use it as directed with a wash before hand. I always seem to have 2 to 4 breakouts on my forehead. Any suggestions, what else helps with this product? Thanks in advance.
  9. I was wondering for any of you that know... I had pretty bad acne on my forehead last year and was perscribed 250mg of tetracyclene a day. After 2 or 3 months my skin was clear, I stopped taking it and the acne came back. So I was perscribed it again and this time I have been on it 4 or 5 months with not much change this time. Am I immune now? The doc said if anything it would work better because my system was clean of it for a few months. Any help greatly appreciated, thank you, btw im a 24 yo
  10. Thats all I needed to know thanks!!!!!
  11. I have been using the regimen a month or so and it has rid the large annoying spots but still some small areas of acne are there. Only my forehead is like this as the rest of my face has always been clear. Do I need to hold out longer?? The regimen has definately helped about 80%!!!! Thanks
  12. I started using this BP yesterday and after reading so much how it dries your skin and you need a mosturizer it didn't dry mine at all. Is this something with the product or my skin? I just want to make sure I have a good bp product as it's like a creamy gel and im not wasting my time. Thanks
  13. So after a week and some days of eating meats and lots of greens not much has changed and it sucks!!! I have been real good on what im eating and it's really no different. Maybe I need to wait longer. I can count the few breakouts on my forehead and they just wont go!!!!!!
  14. Hi all this is my first post. Im 23 years old and have had acne since I was a teenager, untill I was about 19 or 20 and my face cleared right up for around 2 years. I recently moved into my own apartment and my diet changed to whatever I was in the mood for. I noticed my forehead was getting worse and worse untill it was almost full blown again. Being a bit older and wiser I decided to do some research and found this site. Being that the acne went away im convinced it is my diet. My g/f was obse