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  1. SwanSong

    Week 14

    Lovin' it
  2. Things have been jumbled, crazy, stressful....and totally worth it! I'll post more about the experience sometime soon, but mostly wanted to say things are going great with the Accutane. Never thought I would EVER say this in my lifetime, but my skin looks freakin fantastic! Go to my profile and click on the Gallery tab. Then find "View all I.P. Galleries" and click that. There you will find several new pics from the last two months. Bye guys! Keep it up, because it will all pay off with d
  3. SwanSong

    Week 13

    That face from before is like a distant dream now. Let's just hope it'll stay this way after I'm off the pills in October :)
  4. SwanSong

    Week 11

    Internal side effects have taken their toll during this week, but keeping up with water, oils, fats and probiotics really helps.
  5. SwanSong

    Week 6

    Progressing slowly
  6. Thanks! Been trying to add more pics and update blog but can't seem to get it to work. Progressing slowly, but effectively :)

    1. Good luck with your Accutane journey! :)

      1. Hi there, another fellow Accutaner! I'm on my second month right now and lemme tell ya, the chapped lips are freakin annoying. Great job on your makeup, it looks amazing I splurged on some Cle De Peau concealer stick and I will never use another concealer from now on. I've never had such good coverage for my horribly pink-undertoned-pale skin! That Nars blush you use is THE best too, love it love it. I didn't really have a huge IB when I started, it actually seemed slightly less than a normal
      2. SwanSong

        Week 5

        Pics from week 5 - starting to get pretty clear. Scars still red but it feels so much better
      3. SwanSong

        Week 3

        Pics from Week 3 -looks worse than it feels....which is a whole lot better
      4. SwanSong

        Week 1

        Couple pics from week 1
      5. Yeah, I noticed less cysts and way more little whiteheads. They still hurt but they don't last long and it's not that deep, deep hurt.
      6. I'm on Month 2, Week 1 now and man those dry lips suck! My mom took it back in the early 90's and she told me this: Vitamin A is what the body uses to regulate cell renewal and sloughing. An "overdose" of Vitamin A (aka Accutane) causes your body to go into ultra sloughing mode. So your bottom layers of skin (the nice shiny pink layers) are coming up to the surface quicker and the "old" cells are being sloughed off at an accelerated rate (hence all the flaking). This quick cell turnover does som
      7. Wow, time sure flies! ** My gallery has pics up now ** I swear one of the Accutane symptoms is a general....fogginess? Hmm, not really foggy or space-y, but definitely a little slow. Told myself to pick this one book up off the floor about twenty times this last week, but it is still sitting there So before I lose my train of thought again, I'll slam through the first couple weeks of my experience with Accutane. ~~ 40mg of Amnestreem once a day, taken with a fat of some sort (peanut butt