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  1. Hey, Just to give you a little backround on me. About 7 months ago, I took a 5 month accutane course, with dry skin, lips being teh only side effects. After 3 weeks of finishing the 5 month course, my skin startted to get oily again. I went back to my derm, and she suggested 2 more months of accutanne. After 1 week of taking the new 2 month course, I broke out in hives. I went back to the derm and she told me, its unlikely the hives are because of accutane because I did take it for 5 months wit
  2. Hey Im going to be finishing accutane in 2 days and I just want to know, how long after does the side effects usually take to go away (dry lips, and skin mainly) Thanks
  3. Ive been on acutane for acout 4 motnhs now, and I ve notices that I get a lot more tired nowadays and much earlier too. Does accutance cause tiredness?
  4. hey Dan, I am an ebay seller, username varun_goyal19 This is my suggestion. I honestly think it will be better if you establish a central ebay account. I think that way, less confusion will arise among the buyers. Maybe this method could work. You could assign some people to do the ebay listings, some to handle payment, and some to answer buyer questions, and some to send the order information to your supplier. Personally, I am willing to donate my time in helping you with ebay se
  5. hey,, i just got a pimple on the border of my upper lip and I really dont know what to do. Whats teh best way to get rid of it fast. Should I ice it? or just apply more chapstick (carmex)? thanks!!!
  6. No worries dude...Dan is all over this. BTW, do you really want Dan to get bogged down with handling several hundred pages with BIN options? Dutch is the only way to go in this case. Live from New York, it's Saturday Night!
  7. Hey Dan, Just thought of something. Paypal is extremley popular on ebay. Maybe its a long shot, but why not list buy-it-now auctions on ebay. I strongly feel that ebay can promote the product heavily. If you ever decide to list on ebay and need some assistance, just pm me.
  8. Great! Dan, I really think the paypal option should increase the number of sales for sure!
  9. maybe im wrong, but this sooo looks like superbigzane is trying to promote his own website
  10. Im currently in my 3rd month of accutane but I have a question. After five months is over, and suppose I get perfectly clear skin, is it still nessesary to wash my fase with an acne cleanser 2 times a day?
  11. Dan, just wondering if you could tell us how the sales are going so far in teh first two days? Better than expected?
  12. hey thanks for reply...just want to klnow...did u apply any moisturizer to them??? The rash looks like little red dots on my hand
  13. Hey, Im currently on my second month of accutance, 60mg. Today I think I have devoped a rash on my right hand. It looks like the little pores have red and are a bit swollen. Is this normal on accutane? Should I be concerned?
  14. Im currently on 60mg Accutanne everyday. I have been using a moisturiser called complex 15. It works extremley well, but, it doesnt do anything for my red marks. I heard that Aloe Vera is good for red marks. Is there a specific moisturizer with Aloe Vera that I can use to help red marks?