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  1. There are different theories as to what is better when plucking. Applying ice will dull some of the pain and reduce inflamation by reducing blood flow. However, it also makes your skin tighter and more difficult for the hair to come out. I prefer to pluck right out of the shower, while the skin is still warm and moist. The follicles are much looser, and the hair will just gently slide out without much pain. (However, you will probably have to wipe the mirror several times to see, and wet skin
  2. I decided to post this here instead of in cosmetics because I just wanted to hear the opinions of those who know about dark marks and chemicals that supposedly heal them. I'm a big fan of BB creams. They're an asian (mostly Korean) product that is basically a moisturizer, foundation, sunscreen all-in-one and usually have various healing properties like oil control, anti-acne or wrinkle control. However, I've noticed the new trend in BB creams is to include whitening properties, like adenosine
  3. I've been using retin-A for a month, and after much experimenting and making mistakes, I've finally settled on what works for me. To avoid irritation, it's best to apply retinoids to skin that isn't dry. I've found this to be true. However, after cleansing my face and waiting 20 or so minutes I found that my skin got extremely dry, and applying the retin-a after fully drying my face was too dry. Now, I'll wash my face at night, and apply a small amount of moisturizer, then wait to apply the re
  4. I've been on retin-A micro and clyndamycin for a month now, and my face is clearing up quite well. But through business and a nasty summer cold, I haven't been in the pool very much. I used to swim almost every day quite religiously, without too much bother with dry skin or hair. I've really been trying to get back into swimming for fitness and fun, but I am worried about how the strong chemicals in the pool will react to what I'm putting on my face. Has anyone had a bad reaction from exposure
  5. To me, skin picking has never really been about beauty. At least, not very much. At first, it was about pain and fear. I've always had very clear, very fair skin. Only once in a while would I get any blemishes, but they would be BAD. They would instantly become cysts overnight, one single truly visible mound somewhere on my face. Impossible to ignore, not just in terms of looks. They would itch, ache, burn, pinch and throb on my face for days, weeks and months. Being such a large infection so d