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  1. This isn't about my experiences with acne, as I got on a proper regimen and am now over six months completely clear. I went from terrible horminal cysts to baby skin and I feel great. I just wish I could share my experience with others. Long story short: There's a girl in my class* who has the exact same acne as I did. A young woman with hormonal nodulocystic acne. I feel really bad for her, because I remember the pain and itch and embarassment of it. She wears a ton of make-up to cover it up,
  2. Are you red all over, or does the redness seem to be more in certain areas? Depending on where the redness is, it could be a reaction to a certain product, a developing rash, or sunburn, or just irritation from too much exfoliating (even sleeping the wrong way on your face, etc) Is there anything you've been doing different lately to cause the redness? Does it appear more or less red at certain times? I.E. just after you wash your face, or better when you wake up in the morning
  3. To move past all the trolling, I thought I should bring up a public service announcement: Mascara goes bad. Throw your old mascara out. If your mascara is over six months old, just throw it out. Bacteria builds in the tube from the moment it is opened, and since mascara is (usually) stored in warm, bacteria-loving conditions like a purse, it is a breeding ground for yuckies. And these aren't just harmless ones, either. You can get serious eye infections and, no joke, your eyelashes can fall ou
  4. It depends which route you want to go down. As everyone knows, make-up doesn't cure acne, it just covers it. (and in many cases with allergies or poor quality products, it can even make it worse) My personal preference is skincare first, make-up second. It's not a moral, you're-too-young-young-lady thing I have against it, but rather fixing the problem where I can just makes more sense to me. At your age, you're probably going through huge hormone fluctuations right now, which is most likely
  5. I'm irritated by fragrances, so olive oil works best for me. I wipe it on and off with cotton, then wipe diluted ACV to take off the excess oil. It takes a lot of cotton, but is worth it in my opinion. It get less breakouts and less dry, itchy skin from too much cleansing.
  6. Hoots

    Hey omi,

    I saw you had PD, which is what I'm dealing with right now too. Just wondering what worked best for you, etc. I have a blog, check it out! Or just comment back.

  7. When you say times that you're clear and times you break out, is it in any way connected to your monthly cycle? If the cause of your acne is hormonal (even not connected to your period, as mine was) anti-bacterial products probably aren't going to be the solution, because the problem starts underneath the skin. Are you currently on any BC pill right now? (or other hormone replacement)
  8. Are the areas bumpy, or tight and leathery? The fact that there is nothing around your lip area suggests Peri-Oral Dermatitis to me. Those are the exact shapes mine started out as. It then spread to a ring around my mouth / nose / chin area. It lasted for about two months, but a round of anti-biotics cleared it right up for me.
  9. I've recently discovered I have perioral dermatitis. I get small bumps and lots of redness in a ring around my mouth and nose, with smaller bumps around my eyes and forehead. It's really quite unpleasant. What seems to be working for me for the past week is using cotton swabs to wipe diluted apple cider vinagar onto the rash, then after, diluted hydrogen peroxide. (about 50/50 of each with water). When you first put it on, it makes your face go really red, but then it calms down and starts hea
  10. Are you in your late teens or early-mid 20s? It sounds to me like you're describing hormonal cystic acne. I suddenly got it almost a year ago, and had huge, painful lumps on my face. There wasn't anything like a warning sign, I just got one, then another, then another, etc. I finally went to a derm, got on a new BC pill and retinol and the cysts are now gone.
  11. I once got a really bad one in the corner of my eye, right under my brow. It was so bad, it gave me a migraine for days until it started going down. Probably the most painful nodule I've ever had. I can definitely sympathise.
  12. I think a few peach fuzz hairs came out for me (not like waxing them off) but it didn't make my skin dry. (I only have used them on my oiliest spots, nose and chin)
  13. I prefer pumps as well. They have two advanatges for me: 1) Same amount pumped out every time. I know how much I'm using. I don't spill all over and waste a bunch 2) it's way more sanitary. Bacteria can't get in the same way as when you stick your finger in a jar. For makeup to last, it needs to be a sterile as possible. This is also helpful if you have a make-up that oxidizes to work. It wouldn't work if you left it open.
  14. Mods, please move if this is in the wrong place. After much detective work, I've finally narrowed it down. I'm not suddenly allergic to my favourite make-up: it's heat rash. I used to get it when I was a baby, and am suddenly getting it more now (I blame my university's abysmal heating system where one room is freezing and the other is sweltering, while outside is humid and inside is dry as heck) Basically I'm getting a ring of breakouts/rash/tiny bumps around my lips, ranging from just under
  15. I wear eye-enlarging contacts from Korea, and I really like them. They give an illusion of a bigger, younger eye by colouring the contact area larger than the edge of your iris. My favourite pair are my black ring lenses, which make my already dark brown eyes really cute and doe-like. And even though I'm caucasian and could potentially have natural blue or green eyes, I still get compliments on my lenses. Brown is just too boring for me.