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  1. thank you. i think i am going to opt for or at least ask for accutane. the thing is, i already feel depressed. but its really like ALL stemming from my acne. i know its just made me sad about other things, less social overall which affects other things...but if the acne improves i just know i could try new things and be less depressed. so is the accutane going to exacerbate my "depression" because i KNOW its from my acne. so is it ok to still do accutane? im assuming i could control or at le
  2. can you please tell me where i need to go/who i need to go to to take this test? and can you please tell me the exact name or type of probiotics you are taking thank you. i actually saw a derm i liked better and he prescribed the exact products you mentioned, clindamycin phosphate lotion and tazorac, along with a minocycline antibiotic. i have been taking them for a week (except i havent started tazorac yet since the prescription isnt in) and no improvement obviously. but im feeling extremel
  3. you literally have no active acne. like i dont see how accutane is even helping you. your skin already looks fantastic how can you need accutane. you just have redness, im sure you can use topical products for that. you're not bad AT ALL like i dont even get how you got accutane prescribed wow
  4. Thanks. Everything you just said I have been doing. I switched to almond milk a year ago. I change my pillow literally every 1-2 days. I don't use a conditioner. I use cerave hydrating cleanser any cerave moisturizing lotion. I don't think they're bad but I've never found anything "better". I would be willing to try a different moisturizer but idk what. I can afford prescription luckily. So will the bp morning / retinoids at night combo be safe for me? Is it going to increase permanent rednes
  5. dont bs me its bad. its worse in real life than the pictures. i cant believe i only posted that one week ago. everything is full of painful whiteheads on my jawline now. i dont even know how to freakin moisturize or cleanse without aggravating them. i am actually glad that i am being let go from my part time job because i cant even bare to go out in public. this is pathetic, acne has overpowered my life, and yes i know im weak for letting it happen. the derm recommended doryx along with benzacl
  6. same here wtf. i see oil coming out of all my pores and a lot of them are like a hair covered an oil if i pull them out...i hate this, it looks absolutely horrible. what is it and what can i do. its so freakin noticeable when i have to talk to someone face to face. all i can think about is thiis disgusting white stuff portruding from my face. all around and on my nose, and in between my eyebrows u can see so much whitestuff/oil showing....god it sucks
  7. Which Cerave moisturizer is everyone saying is good? They make an AM and a PM, AND a moisturizing lotion and moisturizing cream. There are 4 different options. Which one is everyone raving about. I have tried the moisturizing lotion but I'm not a big fan, has some harmful ingredients in it and it doesn't really soak into my skin. Is this the one everyone else is applauding, or are you guys talking about the AM, PM, or cream?
  8. Thanks for all the replies. So every cleanser and moisturizer I look at has some type of alcohol in it. Even the Cetaphil Gentle cleanser...should I still get that one? I don't know if the alcohol is that big of a deal, but maybe it's time for me to switch my cleanser/moisturizer anyways and try something new. Any recommendations? My face gets pretty tight in the winter after using the cerave hydrating cleanser. Some of the acne on and under my jaw is itchy and it's so aggravating to tr
  9. Thank you. I do not know if the zinc and/or fish oil has made it worse. I don't think so but I suppose I will stop taking them as I guess they haven't really helped. What could I be allergic to in either of those do you think? I actually started the zinc sup because I read it helps. And I just added fish oil since I am not able to eat fish as much as I used to at all. I am not sure if this would be folliculitis. I really can't see any trapped/ingrown hairs, and a lot of these horrible red bump
  10. Background: 19 year old male, acne since 15. Been on antibiotics in the past, other things too, always dealt with whitehads and redmarks. Now as a university student, I am dealing with an unbelievably horrible breakout. Things just don't get better for me, my life has amounted to this. I need help. I do not function like a normal person anymore. I can't live my life at all. I've had acne for 4 years, and this is now the worst breakout to date. I don't understand, I truly don't. I try to do e
  11. Thank you I appreciate your reply. I know there are people worse off than me. I guess thinking about this everyday has really sculpted my view of myself in a negative way. However I do feel my problems are significant. I am weary of Accutane. I have heard so many things. I know it is a miracle for a lot of people but I have heard side effects of depression, weakening of skin, permanent dryness, bone weakness. I am an avid runner and I don't want to ruin myself physically to not be able to r
  12. WARNING: PICTURES ATTACHED 'm at wits end. I'm a 20 year old male. I cannot function as a normal person anymore. I see no joy in things. My face has destroyed my life and taken over. I am trapped in myself and cannot be social anymore. Having to be in a classroom and/or talk to people face to face makes me want to die. I am so angry and unsure what I did to deserve this? These pictures don't do justice but I am posting them to show my situation and POSSIBLY get any help, although I'm no
  13. Ok thanks. But it won't make them worse at all right? Ill be fine putting it on my whole face? Even my indented scars have redness in them
  14. I am going to use the aztec clay tomorrow. I am a guy so just one concern. Is this strong enough that it is going to pull facial hair out or mess it up? If so I will just use this for my nose and forehead. But can any guys or girls with an opinion please confirm or deny if this mask will effect facial hair (mustache, jawline, cheeks)?