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  1. That's a cool avatar pic..

  2. Ayy wuddup ma? Can I haz yo numba? Naw wut I'm sayain?

  3. Kralexisark

    The Power of makeup :)

    These are picture with makeup on, i can't wait until i don't have to wear makeup anymore!
  4. Hi Well I use a gentle cleanser and dans bp twice a day, which I have had sucess with and thats pretty much how I got clear!

  5. This boy gives the best advice :)

  6. Hi! I saw your gallery and your pictures! Your skin looks wonderful! I'm curious to know what you did!!!

  7. hi Kralexisark !Please let me know how lond did you are used Accutane?

  8. just commenting because i feel like it lol :)

  9. Ahaha, yeah I'm guilty as charged. I did do that. Yeah i finally had time to get on now that i'm on winter break :)

  10. you go and visit my profile and dont say hi? lol i seee your back :)

  11. i know for real! i been good. i also dont go on as much, how have you been? hows your progress going for you? anyways hopefully we talk soon and catch up :)

  12. Hey you :) Haven't talked to you in forever. I'm never on here anymore. I'm good. How have you been?

  13. heyy Alexis, long time no talk! how u been?

  14. Yeah on the first day of school last year my face broke out so bad! I'm hoping this regimen works fast!