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  1. Hahaha! Thanks! Nice band-aid. :)

    1. Nice Avocados colored eyes you got thur :o

      1. It has been nine months since I last blogged. I'm now only using the regimen once a day, mostly because I'm too rushed in the morning before school. I use Dan's cleanser and bp, and Cerave moisturizer (which is excellent, by the way!) My skin has been doing well. It is mostly completely clear, aside from the veeeery slowly fading red marks. They've faded considerably since my last post. I have an even, slightly glowy complexion, which is surprising, considering the amount of poptarts I've bee
      2. Yes, and they are delicious as well! :D

        1. hey they ARE good for your skin (avocados)!

          1. Pearls

            Day Ninety-Six

            Skin=pretty good. I did the apricot essence face mask and my face itched and was sort of red for a few days after, so I don't think I'll be doing it again. I did the honey lemon face mask and it didn't really do anything. I used AHA (finally!) and YAYY!! I almost forgot about how much I love it! It sort of burned and made my chin really red two days after but right now my skin is glowy and mostly even and two pimples that were emerging went away. On Saturday I'm doing AHA again and I'm going
          2. Pearls

            Day Eighty-Nine

            I just went shopping and bought a lemon, organic honey, a comedone and blackhead extractor, and Olay refreshing toner. I can't wait to use them! I'm going to wait until the weekend to do masks (I want to do a honey lemon mask, an eggwhite mask (with honey and lemon), and the Korean apricot mask), because I don't want to clean my face three times in one day so I'll do the masks on a day when I'm not wearing makeup. That way I can just quickly splash my face and dry it to get it clean, and then us
          3. Pearls

            Day Eighty-Eight

            I really want to do an egg white mask! I was reading the reviews again today and all of them are so positive! I'll do it tomorrow, and then do my regimen like usual. I'll splash my face with warm water and dry it after using jojoba as a makeup remover (I use coverup on my hyperpigmentation). To the egg whites I'll add honey and a few drops of lemon, if I have any. My skin has been sooooo soft lately!! I'm almost positive it's because of a Korean face mask thing I used on Saturday. It's pretty
          4. Pearls

            Day Eighty-Two

            I've been on the regimen for almost three months! Yay! It feels like it's been so much longer... I feel like I could do the regimen in my sleep lol*. Since I last updated, I got a really weird pimple on my right cheek right on top of an old red mark. It never developed a head; it was just this strange, smooth red bump. It was bigger than my normal pimples. And it was sore when I touched it. Was it a baby cyst? I've never gotten one and I don't really know what they are exactly. Anyhow, it was st
          5. Wow!! Good luck! I really hope this works for you. You should prob avoid sun though and take a vitamin d pill because if you get harmful rays without sunscreen your skin won't thank you. As a chapstick you could just use petroleum jelly (vaseline) because it's completely non-comedogenic and really hydrating for the lips. Again, good luck!
          6. If i gave you diamonds and pearls. Would you be a happy boy or a girl?

            1. Pearls

              Day Seventy-Four

              I am this close to being completely clear: |---| Since I last updated, this is what happened: the pimple I was freaking out over turned into a red mark, I got a pimple on my chin and it also flattened and turned into hyper-pigmentation, I got a red mark on my nose (out of nowhere!), and my face got super blotchy and red from rubbing too much in the shower to get my dead skin off. After a couple days the red blotchiness disappeared. I am extreeeeeeemely happy to say I have NO active acne!!!! YAAA
            2. Pearls

              Week 2 Day 6 - Meh..

              You're welcome!I just started using Cetaphil too (this morning actually) and it felt really weird. I didn't feel clean but my skin was so soft and did not dry out... hmm.