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  1. No sorry went to totally different schools,haha. That'd be so weird though!! Also,idk if I want to wear gloves everyday,im weird enough as is..hahaha. Might as well try it though! Thanks Yeah, it would be crazy if you were who I thought you were! Well good luck!
  2. Lookingforthecure, I'll check makeupalley out. JustLastTheYear, I don't break out on my cheeks either (I used to a little) , but I wanted to be careful I won't. Thank you for the advice Sima! I may look into buying a primer, but I'll most likely just stick with powder blush instead. And "Again!", I know I probably shouldn't risk it, but cream blush just sounds sooo nice!
  3. Hahaha! Thanks! Nice band-aid. :)

  4. No way, really?! Sweet! Thank you!!! That's good, because I really wanted to try it . By the way, where did you find the reviews? Because I've been looking for a place where there are lots of reviews but I can't find anything.
  5. I use CeraVe which works really well for me and stopped my flaky skin. It absorbs really quickly and doesn't feel greasy at all. It's an awesome moisturizer! If Cetaphil doesn't work for you, you might want to try CeraVe. Oh, and also Aveeno is great as well.
  6. Really? Eek! Well then, I guess for now I'll stick with my powder blush. I'm using this $1 blush from e.l.f which is actually fine for my skin (despite the suspicious price...). I agree, neutrogena is great! I use their stick concealer and I love it!!!
  7. I really want to try out Maybelline's Dream Mousse Blush and I'd like to know what other people's experiences with it are before buying it. Would you recommend it? Did it cause you to break out? I have very mild acne right now. I've only ever used powder blushes (mostly pressed powder) but this cream blush looks like it would be really nice. I'm sort of scared that it will melt off my face since it's summer... I like really subtle makeup and dripping blush is NOT subtle . If you have recommenda
  8. I use jojoba oil and occasionally olive oil. I love it because I knOw I'm moisturizing my skin in the process!
  9. Nice Avocados colored eyes you got thur :o

  10. I just have to say that the St Ives Apricot scrub can be really irritating to your skin. The grains are jagged, which is really bad for your pores, and there are comedogenic ingredients like fragrance. If you want a scrub, I would suggest using a homemade sugar olive oil scrub.
  11. Yeah, clean and clear looks so good and then you use it and it's like, "Hellooo breakouts!". Dan's cleanser is the best.
  12. You really remind me of a girl I went to elementary and 6th grade with! And we're almost the same age too. So this is totally weird because you're probably not her but there's still that miniscule chance... Did you go to Lincoln Elementary for fifth grade? And Disco for sixth? Also, yeah, that's probably the cause of your acne. And the glove idea is good! Especially if you wear really nice gloves so you don't want to mess them up, PLUS your hands look cool!
  13. It has been nine months since I last blogged. I'm now only using the regimen once a day, mostly because I'm too rushed in the morning before school. I use Dan's cleanser and bp, and Cerave moisturizer (which is excellent, by the way!) My skin has been doing well. It is mostly completely clear, aside from the veeeery slowly fading red marks. They've faded considerably since my last post. I have an even, slightly glowy complexion, which is surprising, considering the amount of poptarts I've bee
  14. Yes, and they are delicious as well! :D

  15. hey they ARE good for your skin (avocados)!