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  1. i've been using, when I do use makeup, Cover Girl Tru blen liquid foundation and bare minerals. I am looking to buy a healthier, stay clear makeup. Please, any advice, tips, or suggestions?!
  2. i am now on 30 mg of accutane daily, my first month I was on 20mg. It seems so low, I just had my doctors appointment for my 3rd month prescription and she bumped me up to 40mg a day, taking 2 20mg a day. Question: Does it matter when I take the pills? Does it need to be 12hrs apart from eachother or just to be eaten with a meal; in that case I will have it with breakfast and dinner. Anyways, my face has been really drying out. My forehead is super clear, i have one small cyst on it
  3. peels sound painful! i dont think i'd ever get one! i'm on 40 mg now..3rd month.
  4. damn! i haven't written at all this whole month!!! pretty much my lips got drier, my NOSE got so dry it was all scabby in side and i kept picking at the scabs b/c they feel like the largest, crustiest boogers. GROSS yes..but its the honest truth. i havent had a bloody nose--just a tiny bit of blood from picking at the scabs. I put some neosporin in my nose before bed and a little tiny bit in themorning, so its not bad. my lips are so dry, i put a ton of aquaphor on it. i also use blistex
  5. wow, already starting month 2 ..pretty sweet upped my dosage to 30mg, (orange pills) and will see how this effects me. right now i have two large acne cysts on my right cheek, on pimple on my forehead, and a few small cysts bunched up on my left cheek. i never usually get anything on my chin and im getting some bumps. we'll see ..
  6. sooo I had my first doctors visit after my month of Accutane. The doctor asked me how I was doing on it, any diahrea, depression, thoughts of suicide, etc. and I kinda laughed and said nothing like that, nothing like that at all. I was expecting a lot worse. She said they do say the worst of the expectations, that you either do really well on it or you do really bad on it. I hope I continue to do well. Everything came back from my blood results perfectly normal, so she wrote out a prescrip
  7. skins clearin up but not fast enough i mean i'm only on day 28, so understandable. i never had a bad IB so i'm a bit nervous for that to come out. i have an interview friday, so i want my face to be nice...i will use revlon cover up but still, the zits pop out on my face so you can still see them. i am going to the derm in about an hour for my 2nd month prescription. i am currently on 20mg. lets see if i get a higer dosage, i kinda hope so , b/c i dont wanna be on this stuff for a year.
  8. so I'm on day 23 of clavaris (accutane) and i'm doing good. i am kinda nervous to see if I am doubled in my dosage. i'm going for my bloodwork monday and the doc appointment is wednesday. i just also scheduled an interview friday, SO i hope i'm not super dry if I am doubled in my dosage. that would suck. as for my acne, its been simmering down, and flattening out (for now).
  9. Thank you!! You too! Do you know how long the "purging" of the skin takes?
  10. assunta

    Day 10

    HEY! glad you are doing well on it! what day are you at now?? Did you experience an initial breakout??
  11. SO strange! Has anyone else been on accutane, and it appeared to be clearing up in the first two weeks and then around the 16/17th day it starts getting worse?? I have about 5 or 6 deep cysts on my left cheek that HURT so bad! and then two on my right cheek. I didn't have them 2 days ago. Is this normal??
  12. I can't believe I'm on day 16 already! My skin definitely is better than before and I know I am more confident and feel more pretty. I actually wore makeup yesterday! anyways, about the makeup, has anyone used cliniques foundation?? which one would you suggest for preventing clogged pores/pimples?
  13. assunta


    Hey! I am on my 10th day of Accutane as of today, and I am also worried about the initial breakout. I don't think it happens right away, maybe a month or so into it?? It's weird though, because I feel like my face is actually getting better without getting worse, and if it is getting better now and then I get an IB, well that will SUCK. Do you your face clearing up or getting worse?
  14. So nothing has reallly changed for me this past week of using Accutane. The first few days of taking the pill, I felt like it was going to be a long process to take the month-worth BUT today was day 10 already and I'm 1/3 done with my first prescription. I will get my bloodwork in 3 weeks and then will have my appointment two days after. I'm kind of watching what I eat, making sure nothing is too fatty and watching Total Fat % on the nutrition labels. I was told that my cholesterol was sl
  15. no, a duh a duh, thats my name. and your pretty lame =]