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  1. Please let us know as soon as possible. I'm basically out of BP and was going to place my order tonight but was not able to. I'm also not able to pay any other way, so hopefully this bug will be fixed very soon!
  2. I agree with everyone here: listen to your skin. I also agree that it's a good idea to be rougher with your skin. When I first started doing the regimen, my skin was BEYOND dry..horrible, horrible, horrible...flaking all throughout the day. After three months, my skin was still dry and I couldn't figure out why. I then started washing my skin normally (not with a washcloth, but roughly with my hands) and this made a huge difference. My skin was clear & moist & lovely. I really fe
  3. One of the best ways to push through the 3rd and 4th month mark is to, ironically, be rougher with your skin. I know that Dan Kern's regimen says that you should be gentle, but after 3 months, your skin is still going to be dry if you aren't washing it normally and if you are still being super gentle. Being gentle is great if you have a very bad breakout, since rubbing will irritate the inflammation of the lesions. Unfortunately, because you are not putting any pressure on your skin, the dry
  4. You were on the regimen for 2 months? Not that you would go back onto it, but 2 months is still extremely new to the regimen. I had horribly red, flaky skin up until my 4th month. From a lifetime of not applying any products to applying a strong BP twice a day...yeah it's going to take time. Dan's regimen is not for everyone, but to say that this site is only for marketing his products is somewhat ignorant. I view this site as a place where people can come together with their problems. You
  5. Just remember that AHA is not a must-have for the regimen to work for you. A lot of people have said that AHA clears red marks faster, but when I was using Dan's AHA+, I had more red marks than ever BECAUSE of the AHA breaking me out. It could just be a purging period or you could be dealing with the same thing I was. You could always just let time take care of the red marks. The regimen will clear you enough so that you won't get any new pimples, and the red marks will just eventually fade
  6. Congrats! Great to hear that you have more confidence And I agree with you 100%. New users of the regimen should always wash gently and apply their BP extra gentle. But once your acne clears, it's good to be rougher when washing and applying BP---it helps with severely dry skin!
  7. The problem is that for many people, there is no one complete resolution to their acne problems. While BP and other creams do clean the surface of the skin to keep it clear, I don't know of anything else that actually gets rid of acne and keeps it away forever. Even many Accutane users deal with breakouts months after their treatment. Many people also try changing their diet and this may or may not work for some acne sufferers. Did your beauty therapist tell you of any product that actuall
  8. I am not a huge fan of AHA. My moisturizer contains a very small amount of it, but any stronger and I'll be breaking out. Last summer, I tried Dan's AHA+ because everyone was raving about it. I experienced breakouts after initially using it and I thought it was just a "purging" period. Because of that, I kept using it and did so for about a month and a half. I had continuous breakouts all throughout that month and a half. My normally-clear-from-the-regimen skin was basically broken out all
  9. If you want, take a look at the one post I created (click right here!) on these forums for beginners or people who have been using the regimen for some time. You may find the answer you need in there.
  10. I always wash my face in the shower. I actually think it gets my skin cleaner and the water pressure from the shower head helps to get rid of dry skin flakes. I always wash my face last when showering.
  11. Shiny skin is definitely normal. I find that if you want to get rid of it, use a basic generic napkin (the types that come in a pack of about 500 for like $3). Just use the napkin to pat your skin and you will find that it absorbs most of the oil. Do this until you don't see anymore oil coming off on the napkin. I find that the results from doing this lasts about 6-8 hours. P.S. Don't worry about the napkin rubbing off the BP. The BP should already be completely absorbed into your skin bef
  12. I agree with everyone else. The regimen becomes a habit and ritual: like brushing your teeth. In the beginning, I found that I not only took longer to apply the BP gel, but I used to sit in front of the mirror to do it. As time progressed, I now just relax and watch a movie or a tv program while applying the regimen. I actually "like" doing the regimen in the morning. It gives me time to wake up and relax while just smearing cream on my face. I don't drink coffee...but it's kinda like I'm
  13. Good luck with the regimen! It's very difficult to keep at it in the beginning, believe me. But it's well worth it in the end. Though there are people out there that haven't had luck with it, I'm finding that the majority of people who do the regimen really have great results. I was the same as you: I got acne out of nowhere, just a typical summer 5 years ago. It got so bad that I locked myself in my bedroom and wouldn't leave for days at a time. Acne can definitely be depressing. But I'm
  14. Just keep using the regimen twice a day and you'll return to having clear skin. When you don't use the regimen for a couple days or a couple of weeks, your skin will start off my breaking out slightly. You will think the initial breakout is just due to the fact that you weren't using the regimen. Then, a big breakout happens when you didn't think that it would. It will clear and go away. I'll tell you a similar story of mine. After about 3-4 years on the regimen, I pretty much thought my s
  15. I agree with most of the people replying to this thread. Acne.org is a fantastic support group for people who suffer with acne. I've been a member here for years and can not thank Dan enough. I can definitely understand why you would think that this is a scam site. I thought the same thing before I started the regimen. In fact, I had been browsing the site for months before I decided to try Dan's "regimen". It seemed too good to be true. When I finally tried it, it took months for my skin