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  1. Updating with a pic. I've come a long way since the first pic posted above - I can't believe how bad my skin looked just a few months ago! As I posted above, I can't use the Regimen moisturizers, so I've got a new "system" that has been miraculous, and works with my corn allergy limitation. Maybe this will help someone else! Morning: -wash with plain white dove bar -exfoliate with Boots No7 microdermabrasion (just 2-3 times per week) -apply Olay Regenerist eye cream -apply Boots No7 Protect
  2. Hi all, I'm new here, but have used this site as a resource for some time! I just wanted to share some recent things I've done which have greatly helped my acne! No more nuts! Seems nuts are a trigger for me. My mom actually discovered this and it's working for me too. No more harsh skin care! I switched to plain old white Dove soap and it's been wonderful. I use it on a washcloth once per day to exfoliate, and once by itself. so a total of twice per day. I used to have 4 "perma" cysts