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  1. Basically what the title says, can you take Aleve while on Accutane? Just wondering since I'm thinking about using Aleve for some soreness but I don't want to use it if its going to interact with Accutane in any way. Thanks.
  2. I had a moment in my 2nd month where my lips were pretty awful, too. I just loaded it with aquaphor and lived with it. Luckily, my lips healed dramatically after a week or so, so hopefully it's just a phase you'll get over soon! I recommend aquaphor if you don't already use it.
  3. By the time my races are over, my course will be over. So I'll probably just stay on the once a day path for the rest of the time and see how it goes.
  4. I am a little over 3 months of my 5 month treatment of accutane. My dose is alternating days of one 40mg/per day and 2 40mg/per day. So I basically take one pill one day then 2 the next then 1 again and so on. Well I am a cross country runner, and we are starting to get towards the big meets at the end of the season. However, I have been sore and tired my last few races, and we believe it might be the accutane. I called my dermatologist, and he said I could start taking only one pill a day unti
  5. Thanks guys! I took 3 days off and everything is %100 better, and I found a way to prevent this from happening again so I should be fine for the rest of the treatment.
  6. I have been having so weird side effects with dryness in some places, and my doctor told me to take a week off accutane and then start again next week. Is it ok to take a week off? I just want to get the treatment done, but if taking a week off will help the side effects I've been having then maybe it's the right choice. Will taking a week off do anything bad to me? Thanks! EDIT: I am about 2 and a half months into my 5 month accutane treatment.
  7. I use the GNC brand triple strength fish oil. Does anybody know if GNC brand contains vitamin A? Thanks
  8. Well it seems like quite a few people on this site use it, and I don't think the one I use contains any Vitamin A, so I think it should be fine to use. (I don't know much about supplements though so I could be wrong).
  9. How long does it take the accutane to get into your blood stream?
  10. I'm going to start taking fish oil again for running. My question is when I should take it during the day. I take my accutane in the morning and some days in the evening, too (I alternate 1 and 2 pills a day). Can I take fish oil in the morning with my accutane or should I separate them, and if so how long would you wait between each one? I know a lot of people take fish oil on this forum so it would be nice to know what everyone else does. Thanks!
  11. My dermatologist told me on one day to take 1 pill at breakfast and the other day to take a pill at breakfast and dinner. I alternate this pattern everyday. My question though is when i take 2 pills on a day, how much time do you take between doses? I usually average 7-8 hours between breakfast and dinner; is that ok?
  12. Thanks! It's good to know that I can still eat normally. So for example, when you eat something that says on the nutritional facts %40 of your daily Vitamin A, that actually is a small amount compared to supplements? Oh and Siava, what are examples of organ meats? Is liver the only one I need to worry about?
  13. I've searched these forums and other websites about this but I never get a specific answer. I know taking vitamin A supplements while taking Accutane is bad, but I was wondering if foods with vitamin A, oatmeal, cereal, and milk for example, are ok to eat. I'm a cross country/track runner so I eat pretty healthy, and a good breakfast usually includes all of those examples. So are foods with vitamin A ok to eat on Accutane, and if so how much should I eat. Also while I'm talking about