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  1. 4 Years Later on the Regimen. My skin has had a dramatic break through! -Dan's BP -Lubriderm Mens 3 in 1 Lotion Unscented (Noticed it doesn't cause oily skin!!) -Cetaphil Wash -Clean and Clean Exfoliate (Only when I have buildup) -Dan's AHA (Sometimes at night)
  2. Look at you, you're so cute!

  3. yeah do one pump in your palm of moisturizer then just take the jojoba and do 1-2 drops depending on your dryness, then i mix it in there good and take the moisturizer and put it on my two hands at my fingers and gently apply. You might experience some oily skin but just let it dry, and it eventually will get better.
  4. I would just walk in the bathroom when i lived in the dorms, my roommates wouldn't care another room mate would wipe his face down with those alcohol pads in his room in front of people. I always did my BP in bathroom but lotion i didn't care.. Honestly most of them should understand and they probably do the same also.. or just leave the shower on a little bit longer and pat dry your face after showering and put the bp on and walk out.. if they say something about it then their the ones that sho
  5. hmm.. I mean I use only his products you know the wash, bp and moisturizer, but I had some issues with using AHA+. The AHA for me would cause my skin to irritate more and would cause me to have red marks, so I completely took that out of my regimen. I also have been using the Jojoba oil every morning and night (one drop), so that actually has helped my skin create a natural feel and look. I also have resisted from picking, squeezing, and scratching and i've noticed my redness go down cuz of that
  6. it happens once and a while after this break out you should notice your skin getting better and you'll have less breakouts.
  7. np^! just make sure you do it every morning and every night.. and since your a guy too use 2 blade razors and lather up the acne.org wash to use as shaving cream.. just watch the videos on the site of dans regimen and follow his steps.
  8. Well I'm currently 19 years old and in my second year of College, I always suffered from acne since I entered 8th grade, in high school it only got worse..I was depressed in high school even though it wasn't horrible I never understood how to get rid of acne. I tried everything possible from scrubs, to on the spot treatments that dried out your skin, to expensive and drying proactiv and moisturizers that only made your acne worse. I wish I would of discovered this product in High School... I wis
  9. After reading countless posts and reviewing the Acne.org regimen I decided to give it a try. I have had acne since I was about 14. I have Oily Dry Skin and many many pimples... After years of trying everything from stupid Proactiv to Prescription medications and stupid washes, nothing was really helping treat my acne. I'm 18 now almost 19 going into my second year of college and I hope to God that this works for me!
  10. Yes they would work best together. The moisturizer was made to be light and less irritating I would only use the acne.org products for now and maybe if you see something else that you want to try in the future go right ahead!
  11. Hey thanks a lot for answering some of my questions I really appreciate it.
  12. Yeah I heard it took a person almost 4 months to see results just give it more time and really read the labels and watch the videos and listen to the directions they give you..
  13. Yeah I'm 19 almost and I have been using products for years and yes I do get the dry skin. I just started using Dans Regimen about a week or so ago and I'm starting to get really happy because I noticed alot of my acne is getting lower and smaller. I actually just decided on buying the Oil and the AHA to try it out. I do have oily, red skin that is irraritated so I basically bought the whole regimen.. Cleanser, Treatment, Lotion, Jojoja oil, and the aha for on the spot.. Reluctlantly I like how