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  1. ahh cool you got sorted! Your on the road to clear skin for sure now!! enjoy it!! Im in my third month. on 70mgs! Skin is absolutely perfect Advice id give is to be aware how gentle your skin might get, eg i only wash my face with a cleanser once a day. Just use warm water at night! Your course is pretty low though so ya should be ok best of luck
  2. jordan..

    day 35

    Hope so hun, how you getting on??? Noway haha, ah too bad it not the same day! Two weeks to go, will fly for ya!!
  3. jordan..

    day 35

    just home from work and thought id drop a line! Day 35, that was quick enough! Going back to see the derm on the 11 of august for blood tests. Progess so far is good! Skin is crystal clear has been for couple of weeks. Have more confidence bacause of it, dont have it in the back of my head all the time that my skin is shit! Feel free to live my life now. Back in the gym aw yeh happy chappy! Side effects, the usual! Dry lips, skin not so dry but moisturising properly so not letting it get
  4. jordan..

    Day 28

    howdy day 28, just coming up to my second month now and it all good baby! Skin is nice and clear, am enjoying clean shaving again. Such a luxury when your used to spots! Must say though I feel the side effects! I seem to be tired alot more than normal and my legs are always pretty stiff! Have a rash on hands and arms it itchy. Be at the docs tomorrow so see what he says. But I can hack it, least I can look in the mirror now. Still using the avene stuff! Swear by it!!!!!!!!!! Going
  5. good shtuff 6 weeks aint to bad! like ya said 8 months a disgrace. Acne could do alot of damage in that space of time. If your skin doesnt improve you could ring the derm and get put on the cancellation list. So you might get seen sooner. I did but didnt get the call but you could who knows. nothing to lose!
  6. jordan..

    Day 20

    Hope I am not speaking too soon but I think the initial breakout has passed. Skin is clear and has an even tone! Havent seen that in a while.. The avene products really helped i must say, they calm the skin and are very gentle. Highly recommended. Also cutting the washing down to once a day with a cleanser had a positive effect.. Not alot to report, feel better about myself now that the skin is looking better. Confidence is up! Feeling the power of the drugs more on this course than the fi
  7. skin has actually calmed down a good bit! I think only washing once a day with a cleanser was a good idea! Only a couple of spots, some redness hidden by stubble but dryness is crazy! Ive had to put moisturiser on four times already today! Have that flaky skin from like when ya get sunburnt! Started taking a supplement called zinc ace, its zinc obviously with vitamin c & b. Should be good for repairing skin. just back from boots, bought the last of the supplies! 45 euro buying no mo
  8. I think you will be glad you did. I hesitated in the beginning because of all the side effects scared me. But when I went on it, it wasnt bad at all! Dry and itchy thats all really. :surprised: Gave me a new lease of life, a real sense of freedom to not be self conscious and go out and live my life! Get a referral letter from your doc and make your app. If you do get put on it let me know and il help ya out
  9. My GP was absolutely useless, he said my skin was not bad enough to go roaccutane again so I had to suffer for two months taking crap anti biotics! When I went to the derm he made me feel alot better and said to give roac a go again. Yeh no harm making an appointment now! I had to wait a month to be seen. Long month but was worth the wait. Yep im nearly sure VHI covers it. Let me know how ya get on! Good luck :)
  10. hey niamh I know how ya feel, im waiting for that bit of relief!! But there is always light at the end of the tunnel! I went to Dr Buckley Dermotologist in Blackrock clinic. He really sound! The first thing he said to me when I went to see him was that he was going to cure my acne! Music to my ears. If it doesnt improve no harm in getting in touch with him. Hope it starts to get better for ya
  11. jordan..

    day 14

    captains log supplemental id rather we at war with the klingons than acne but one thing I have noticed down the years is that when my skin goes bad I wash my face too much making it worse! Vicious cycle so the past two mornings I have only used warm water in the morning to wash and cetaphil face wash at night! Redness has died down somewhat, and there less of the yellow fellas! Thank God!! Bought new moisturiser today, "Boots expert sensitive daily defence moisture cream spf 12"
  12. Im not too sure about the acidity but it comes off easy enough so the skin doesnt get damaged. my skin must be very irratible at the moment so I could not link the yoghurt as it is so natural.
  13. in day 13 of roaccutane, was wondering if it would be a good or bad idea to apply yoghurt to face. Ive heard it very good at fighting bacteria and easing dry skin. But then i know it not good to exfoliate the skin while on the treatment so bit unsure. Anyone have advice
  14. jordan..

    Day 13

    Ok so ive decided it not neccesary for me to post everyday But while im here I will say that there is obviously not much improvement from yesterday although my face doesnt feel as sore. 13 has been my lucky number on occasions so hopefully its the start of better days heres a joke to give a giggle A man and his ever-nagging wife went on vacation to Jerusalem. While they were there, the wife passed away. The undertaker told the husband, "You can have her shipped home for $5,00
  15. Hi At the moment I am going through the initial breakout! Its tough! Was wondering what to treat the acne with that surfaces? Dont want to use anything that could make it worse. I am only using cetaphil face wash and moisturiser right now.