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  1. Ugh. I guess I am going to have to play the waiting game. :( I asked my mom if she ever got them, she said she did once, and it took a long time to go away. Note to future self: Do not put anything over it ever again, especially if it's Abreva. D:
  2. The pimple is right at the edge of my lip. Ya'know, where the lip meets the skin. And before you even suggest it: NO, it is not a cold sore. I felt the pimple there for a while (about two to two and a half weeks), and it has turned into a small white head. It does not hurt at all, and it is not very noticeable, but the fact that I know it is there annoys me greatly. I do not have the option to pop it, since it will cause the area to become irritated (I will be able to feel the irritation), and
  3. I am currently in my fifth month using Retin-A for my acne scars (red, brown, and lesions). I really haven't noticed any difference in the fading of the scars, although the texture of my skin has improved significantly. (Feels smoother and softer to the touch.) The Retin-A also hasn't been doing much for my acne, either. I still get one or two new pimples every week, and the cystic acne that I have on my neck just sit there, never moving onto to a head. I recently started using Mario Badescu's S
  4. I can go weeks or months without wearing makeup and I'll still have routine acne. :|
  5. Only if you're putting the moisturizer on immediately after BP. For any acne medication, I tend to wait fifteen to thirty minutes before putting anything over it.
  6. It probably won't worsen if you find a moisturizer that works with and moisturizes your skin.
  7. [Writing as a person with an oil-slick face, too:] You should probably stop using the Buf-Puf sponge, since the exfoliation is rather harsh for the skin, but that's my opinion. (Needless exfoliation that isn't extremely gentle could cause more oil production of the face.) I prefer toners to astringents. I used astringents all throughout high school, which made my face feel great, but when I stopped using them, my face was even oilier. If you find a good toner, you won't have to worry about you
  8. You should really be using one or the other... Not both medications at once, since that's just bound to make your skin worse in the long run. I personally think that SA to be less irritating than BP.
  9. I like Boots Botanics Organic Rosewater Toner. It's the only toner by far that hasn't been drying/hasn't caused any noticeable breakouts.
  10. Ugh, the same thing happens to me. My face clears up, and then I get several new pimples, clears up, pimples, clears up... Although I haven't been doing this for the past two to three weeks because I've been lazy/forgetful, I did find that eating one apple at the end of the day before bed and before brushing my teeth/washing my face/etc. helped a lot with reducing the amount of acne that would usually show up toward the end of the week. I also drank green tea every morning. Now that I am typing
  11. I break out when I eat too much junk food and not enough healthy food to cleanse my body of all of that fatty, greasy goodness. ):
  12. It could be shaving. Although I don't shave, I do pluck the little hairs that grow above and below my lip and often found that I broke out about a week after. Washing that area of my face after plucking helped a lot, since bacteria can enter the places where you've plucked/shaved after the hairs have been removed and cause acne.
  13. Have you ever tried switching moisturizers? (One without SPF for when you plan on staying indoors, and one with SPF15 for when you plan on going outdoors.) Although I don't use BP anymore, the cleanser and gel that I use day and night made my skin unbearably itchy and dry. The moisturizer I was using did little to nothing for my skin, until I switched to the ones that I am currently using. (ref. in signature) You could also try not putting so much BP on your face and settling to a thin to medium
  14. It really depends on the product and the company, I guess. All the products are really doing is exfoliating the skin to help newer skin cells surface to assist in the healing process of whatever the product is designed for. Tea tree oil does little to nothing for hyperpigmentation, IMO, but does help to treat existing acne. I personally only like buying products that are designed for a specific skin issue rather than the whole "all-in-one" thing, because they aren't always all-in-one. :\ (Such a
  15. Popping pimples is always a temporary solution, and in actuality, chances of spreading the initial infection to cause more breakouts is higher, with or without an acne treatment. Unless the pimples pop per chance, such as when you are washing your face or they're so engorged that they just pop, then it would probably be best to leave them alone.