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  1. Once you've signed 'your life away' most people don't have any rights. In my case, I was advised by a lawyer to get before pics and take after pics. Then find at least one doctor (preferably a dermatologist) who can back you in court and say your damage is from lasers and not a 'natural' occurrence. Meanwhile, do extensive research on how to improve your skin naturally, in case it gets worse, you may be able to stop it in it's tracks, so to speak. Good luck!
  2. Before you consider laser, please go to this website (I'm including the link) and sign up. Ask your laser questions there. Lasers are 1000x hotter than the sun and will eventually leave permanent damage. The people on this website/forum will be more than willing to inform you of their experiences and give good advice as to an alternative treatment, all you have to do is ask. http://iplandlaserdamagesupport.prophpbb.com/
  3. If you go for a laser treatment, they will want to do your entire face and in my experience, it's not worth it. Go to your doctor or dermatologist and get a prescription for tazorac or differin and after approx. a month, that spot will be gone.
  4. Hey there, I was curious about the gel you use - the one with diclocan. Is it a special compound or is there a brand name? I googled diclocan and came up pretty short. Also, what r u using at night? Sorry for all the questions, it's just so rare for me to come across an acne treatment I haven'theard of.

  5. In my experience, you use ice packs every couple of hours (for around 10-20 min?) throughout the day, every day (maybe a week?). It brings the blood flow to the area in reaction to the cold, to heal that specific area. As well, moisturize constantly! Either with aloe vera gel or a lotion without perfumes, dyes, chemicals etc. You should be ok. Go see a reliable dermatologist A.S.A.P.
  6. Believe what you like. I have gotten to the point where I feel everyone needs to learn the hard way. Glad you had no problems though.
  7. I myself had 2 affirm in 2009. I now have skin that makes me look as though I'm in my 60's-70's. It caused lines, wrinkling, sagging, collagen loss (thinning skin), rolling, boxcar, hypertrophic/atrophic scars, stretch marks (on my face), necrosis, thermal cellular damage, damage down to the muscle and bone, nerve damage, etc, etc, etc, etc...... I have spent an enormous amount of money on acupuncture, massage therapy, vitamins, minerals, herbs, hyperbaric oxygen treatments and other to no avail
  8. Are you really that naive? Have you not done any research yourself? All lasers are 1000x hotter than the sun, so just what do you think will happen to your skin each time you have a laser procedure? Have you been on forums where others have suffered untold damage as a result? 3 doctors have diagnosed me with necrosis, thermal cellular injury, dna damage, nerve damage, pre-cancerous lesions, rolling, ice-pick, atrophic and hypertrophic scarring, low dose radiation poisoning, etc, etc. I don't kn
  9. Excuse me? I'm going to assume you either work for the 'industry' or know someone who does, as you seem hell bent to defend laser treatments and the 'people' who perform these procedures. You obviously have not had any of these lasers done, or you would know what kind of damage they do. So, here is a forum in which you can read about the damage done to hundreds of thousands of others... http://iplandlaserdamagesupport.prophpbb.com/ If you still don't believe the damages done to people afte
  10. I had IPL and Affirm. I had the Ipl's as I had very dark spots (sun damage) on my skin and was told it could become cancerous. After panicking I did very little research and found things on Ipl, so I went for 5 treatments. Well, within 2 yrs my skin started looking really bad, so I went for 2 Affirms. Within a year of that, the damage just kept building and building. Among all of the expensive things I am doing to prevent more from occurring, I am now doing hyperbaric oxygen treatments as the d
  11. Have you checked out... http://iplandlaserdamagesupport.prophpbb.com/ Might be a good idea.
  12. I had 5 and the damage didn't show up until this year...3 yrs later. I have hypo-trophic scarring, DNA damage, thermal cellular damage, necrosis, pre-cancerous lesions, nerve damage, damage to the muscle, bone, dermis, epidermis and deeper, as well as so much more. I'm 46 and live a very healthy life, yet I now look like I'm in my 60's-70's. Please do not have any more laser treatments. Go to: http://iplandlaserdamagesupport.prophpbb.com/ before you go any further with any treatments.
  13. Please, please do not go for anymore lasers. There are so many things I could say, but it would take forever. Please check out and register on this website: http://iplandlaserdamagesupport.prophpbb.com/ You are going to need to see a reputable dermatologist in your area. Please do your research to find one that isn't going to dismiss you or the damage done to your skin. Good Luck!