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  1. If you break out that frequently you are going to get red marks on your red marks... I don't see a reason to put up with that. Dermatologists prescribe accutane all the time for persistent acne that doesn't respond to other treatments, so I say go for it.
  2. I had no "initial breakout" to speak of.. Just dryness and some red flushing which, while still ongoing, is more of a positive sign of progress rather than something to worry about, to me.. However, I notice you mention school, and your age is something that you need to consider before committing to an accutane course; it's not wise to use it when you haven't finished growing.
  3. I'm bein' sincere, sounds like your course is off to a good start, so good on you.. It's early days so anything could happen but don't be afraid to feel relief now that you're making progress.
  4. That smell can also occur with pierced ears, I've noticed it with my earring. I hear it's especially noticeable if one has a gauged earlobe. Just my two cents.
  5. Word. It's easy to just go "Pfffft, yeah right" and ignore the possibilities, but stubborn dismissals like that only serve to underpin their own fear of the unknown. In the end people believe what they want to believe, -- myself included -- and some will convince themselves of whatever it is that makes them feel better. It makes me uneasy to think that the exact same drug I am praising for its success in my case has been such a nightmare for others... So while I have no issue with people voicin
  6. Thats how I feel. I think that no matter how long I use it my skin will never like it. I think I will stick SA..doesn't combat acne as well but atleast my skin looks normal. i really like your avatar by the way :) i am a former pokeman collector..still a fan Yeah, I had limited improvement while I used BP but I decided it was no good for me when I started to see a distinct, hard edged increase in redness on the areas of skin on which I'd applied it compared to those where I hadn't. Scary..
  7. It's more likely you just have sensitive skin. Lots of people have said BP is too irritating for them to use, and almost everyone seems to report it causes redness, to varying extents.
  8. Hmm, under-the-skin inflammation normally makes me think of cysts immediately, but maybe not... I guess you should just give it more time and try not to prod them too much (easier said than done, since they're quite curious things and poking at 'em sorta the only way to keep track of them). If they don't seem to make any healing progress, or they create more nodules in the future, you could probably have them removed surgically.
  9. What exactly do you mean by drying out? You mean, on the inside, right? Accutane drastically reduces the amount of oil your glands produce, which is a very good thing if you are prone to oily skin (and you most likely are, if you need accutane). So it makes sense to consider that it probably has the effect of reducing the oil buildup inside cystic swellings too. I definitely have noticed that any cysts I have had since starting treatment are smaller, less aggravated, and quicker to heal... Ho
  10. You need to treat your acne before you treat scarring... If you go and get expensive laser treatment for scars, and then you just get more acne on top of the areas, you will have wasted your time and money. I don't mean to be rude but are you sure that what you've described is real scarring? I mean, there is a difference between actual scars and red marks. If what you are experiencing is redness (otherwise known as "hyperpigmentation") after acne heals, you may just need to be patient; they d
  11. This seems to happen sometimes when a cystic swelling dies down, leaving behind a hard pellet-like remnant like you've described. I don't want to alarm you but I have two in my earlobe which have been there for months. They're best buddies and they take turns to occasionally flare up and become active cysts again before dying down.
  12. hotglue01 makes a really excellent point here... Most of us are our own worst critics. It's like spending hours and hours working on drawing/painting a picture. When it's finally finished, you've spent so long analyzing it that you have it burned onto your retinas. You know every square inch of it, and you're sick of looking at it, so you can't appreciate it for its overall beauty the same way as a newcomer can.
  13. I don't see a problem here, sounds like everything's going smooooth. The excitement and nerves are normal for this sorta thing, and it can sometimes feel like stumbling around in the dark when you're new to the game, but it's really no big deal. In my opinion, you shouldn't need to do anything beyond being true to yourself and your feelings, and letting the friendship grow. Just buckle up, enjoy the ride, and see where it takes you. EDIT: Whaaaat, I just read my own post and realized I pretty m