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  1. My skin is definitely less oily now than when I first started taking Spiro and my jaw cysts have healed even if I'm not clear on the rest of my face. My hair shedding is just too distressing though and I'm about to throw in the towel and just stop taking Spiro. I guess I never thought I cared about my hair particularly much, but "you don't know what you have 'til it's gone". Can't discuss it with my doctor as I recently moved to Germany and would need to find a German derm, which feels like t
  2. Hair shedding is still messing with my mind. One persistent cyst on my forehead and two breakouts on my chin. I shed lots of hair all the time and it drives me crazy.
  3. Eh, over a month in. Lots of red marks on my face from a bad breakout when beginning this medicine. I have active cysts in my jaw and pimples on my forehead. I will stop hoping for an immediate improvement and update this more infrequently. I'm quitting aczone and sticking with tretinoin and bp. Yeah, tretinoin creams have harsh peeling/shedding effects, but I'm used to it. Aczone didn't seem to do anything for me and is more expensive. I also realized that the medication I'm taking is call
  4. Hey Tinamatnum, I'm sorry you're having such a tough time right now. I've been battling acne for years and know how depressing it can be. It's really hard, but it's important to keep busy and keep your mind occupied on other things. Things will get better. I wish I could follow my own advice, haha. When my acne was at its absolute worst two years ago, clindamycin/bp gel and tretinoin cream cleared most of my face after two months of consistent use. I used to read the rx facts on the tretinoin c
  5. Aaak! I'm getting spotting for the second time in a month and many more strands of hair have been falling out when I shower than before I started taking Spiro. This isn't just paranoia. While I have fewer deep cysts than a month ago, I have 10-15 more surface-level zits on my face instead. I'm freaked out by the shedding hair and messed up period at the moment. Guess I'd be more positive if my skin were looking good, but though it's different, it stills looks much worse than when I started a mon
  6. Beginning of week three here and I'm feeling much better, mostly mentally, because I have reasons to feel optimistic now. I just lost it last week because I've been at home bored for a while now living with my parents, felt super fatigued from the Spiro, and my skin looked awful. I felt like, "why am I suffering these shitty side-effects just to make things worse?". The combination made me really depressed. Now last week's traumatizing breakout is healing. The huge recurring zits right in the m
  7. I took a two day break from Spiro and felt noticeably less fatigued.The monster breakout from last week seems to be healing. The spiro is doing something, since I've noticed my hair is less oily. Usually I wash it every three days and on day three it's looking gross and up in a bun. Now on day three, it looks presentable. I am hopeful that the cystic zit I've had in the middle of my forehead for a month is finally healing. Knock on wood. I need to treat my skin more gently too. I know picking i
  8. I have gone from a few cysts on my forehead to eight enflamed cysts all over my face. I used to get zits plus one rouge cyst. Now every single tiny bump develops into a cyst. I feel depressed, nauseous, dizzy, and incredibly lethargic. These really negative side effects only really began this week. Something has got to give. I feel horrible, mentally and physically. Skipping tonight's dose and calling my doctor/pharmacy tomorrow.
  9. Day 14 here with Spiro and Aczone. My acne has gotten so much worse in the past two weeks and I'm really down. It has gone from a few stubborn spots to cysts all over my chin and whiteheads all over my face. I've been feeling incredibly depressed (we're talking crying for no reason and thinking that my life is worthless) during the past few days and I don't know if I'm just getting down about my face or whether the depression could be a "rare but serious side effect" of the new medications.
  10. Day 11. I had two days of spotting instead of a period and have been in a foul mood. Another cyst joined the party on my chin today. I've gone from a clear chin to five juicy cysts. The raging cyst right in the center of my forehead (making me look delightfully cross-eyed) is still going strong. This guy's been with me since before Thanksgiving. Maybe I should give it a name, since we seem to be together for the long haul. I have small zits on the side of my nose too, where I don't usually g
  11. Day 10. Still getting new cysts on my forehead and chin. I've felt really fatigued and lethargic the last two days.
  12. Today is the sixth day I've been taking Spiro. The cysts in my jaw and one on my forehead seem to be calming down and I'm hopeful. I'm getting a lot of new whiteheads and have a few new cysts close to my ears, of all places. I've been taking it in the morning, which makes me feel very drowsy at times. I almost fell off the treadmill at the gym today, but that's probably due more to my own clumsiness than dizziness caused by the medication.
  13. Thanks for the encouraging words! I'm glad that Spiro has worked so well for you. I'll do my best to be patient, haha.
  14. Day three for me with Spiro. I was taking it before bed since it can cause drowsiness and I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone, but re-reading the Rx info and I found out that I should probably be taking my pill in the morning, or a least before 6 p.m. It's a diuretic and I've had to get up to go pee in the middle of the night, which doesn't usually happen, and probably won't happen if I take it in the morning. Otherwise, I've had a little dizziness so far, I can feel the blood rushin
  15. Sorry if this is long-winded. I guess writing this is cathartic for me. I've been struggling with moderate-severe acne for five years now. I've tried antibiotics and a slew of topical creams. Topicals like clindamycin and retin-A have helped me. Acne once covered my entire face, but Retin-A reduced its severity so that, with makeup, I can leave the house without being too self-conscious about active cysts and red marks. When I think back to how bad my acne was two years ago, I remind myself