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  1. hmmmm maybe ill go get some mineral makeup!! but does it conceal like scars and existing acne?
  2. i do actually..just that somehow when i apply it it makes my face turn even more red than the 10% BP o.o
  3. Had my economics papers today, feeling pretty alright about it. Didn't complete the essay paper but I guess it's alright. At least the problem is time management instead of a lacking in content. Anyway, because of the exam period, I've been studying alot, getting little sleep, eating junk food (studying outside at fast food restaurants/coffee places) and being really stressed. I think it's really showing on my face, my unhealthy lifestyle right now. I'm not happy about it, but I'm not as bot
  4. porridgelover


    Skin was looking pretty nasty today, school starts tmr (technically today since it's 1:27am) and I slathered BP all over my face already. Hopefully my face looks more decent tomorrow. It's so inflamed today. Gonna continue my regimen though. BP at night, moisturiser in the morning. If by the end of next week my skin isn't better I'll change my regimen I guess? Gonna get some fibre capsules when my exams end (last paper this thursday). Or whenever I'm free to go scouting for capsules. Kind
  5. hey. yea. same to you. :) we will get clear soon. I follow ypur blog.. and we had the same result.. my face was soo red yesterday. Just like your face in day5. but i will continue his regimen and hopes your own regimen will work for you. Goodluck to us. cheers. xx

  6. Day 1 or 2 (can't remember?) of my own regimen, face not looking too good. So tempted to follow Dan's regimen again (with my 10% BP of course) but it turns my skin really red, despite showing results. Sigh. What to do.... I shall continue with my own regimen. BP at night, moisturiser in the morning. Night
  7. hey girl! fellow asian :D all the best with the regimen, hope you have gorgeous skin! :)

  8. Carried out a mini surgery in my bathroom, was really excited about getting all the gunk out of my cyst! -First, I bathed (washed face with cetaphil in the process of doing so). -After I was done I used a cloth dipped in hot water to liquidify the gunk in the cyst, for easier drainage. -Used a sterilised, fine needle and poked through the cyst head/opening/entrance to create a better entrance for the gunk to come out, making it easier to squeeze out. -Disinfected my hands, made sure my fac
  9. i was using garnier long lasting shine contol moisturizer in the day (spf 15, w mineral zinc) and simple's hydrating light moisturizer at night. but now im just gonna use BP at night and moisturizer in the day. i self drained my cyst today!
  10. Like, JUST!!!! And I actually FELT IT oozing out of the head. I was in the toilet and my cyst area felt weird. I thought it was just having some cystic activity (y'know like a volcano or something. Lol.) And well, it really was cystic activity. ERUPTION OF MOUNT CYST!! WOOHOOOOOO!! Never thought this would've happened so soon. HAPPY! Thought it would take months after reading other peoples' experiences. Okay. Now what on earth do I do? Squeeze it? Drain the crap outta it? Leave it al
  11. Since I was never really precise in following it anyways! My own version of the Regimen (10% BP, mix of sunscreen with moisturiser) wasn't working well with the regimen steps. Dan is right, 10% is way too harsh. Thus I cannot follow his regimen with my large supply of 10% BP in my possession. Lol. Created my own regimen with the same products he recommended (Cetaphil, BP albeit it being 10%, moisturiser). It's really simple. Started my own regimen, and my face is looking fabulous! Morning
  12. Yesterday after I posted up till today, I noticed that the areas where I apply the BP and moisturiser have been very red. Despite my acne being much better (zits all reduced in size), my face looks like I wore googles, stayed out in the sun for an entire day and got badly sunburnt. ): So this morning I didn't put moisturiser over the BP. I don't think I can mix the two anymore, they seem to react badly together. And it shows on my face. So my new plan is to put solely the BP in the morn
  13. This morning after I did the regimen, my skin was kind of stinging from the moisturiser + tiny amount of oil free sunblock over the BP. My skin has been a little red during the day since going on the regimen, but I think it's cuz of the sunblock I add in with the moisturiser. Or perhaps its just the moisturiser. But seriously who knows and who CARES?! I'VE STARTED SEEING AMAZING RESULTS! My acne-fied face was much clearer, with the 3d zits all reducing in size. It's really awesome man the reg
  14. The bigger zits seem to have become smaller, but there seems to be more smaller zits popping up today. I took a look at pictures from day 1 to day 3 and I noticed that my face seems to be getting redder, and more inflamed. I really hope that this is the purging process. And I really hope that I'll wake up with smaller, less noticeable zits tomorrow. Die zits, die!!!
  15. Woke up this morning and upon looking at my face in the mirror I seriously did NOT feel like going to school to study. But I had to, since I absolutely cannot study at home. Did the morning regimen, it's 12midnight now and I'm about to bathe and do the night regimen at the same time. You know what, I have a really good feeling about the regimen. I think it's going to work. Today my zits "ripened", y'know how they are when the white head appears? Yeah. I think it's going through the purging