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  1. im not 100% sure on this, but maybe it won't work as well. my derm told me to take mine about 10 hours apart, and the shorter the interval, the less effective it would be.
  2. http://www.chopsaver.com/ chopsaver also works well for people.
  3. thanks for the information. guess ill just skip out of buying the 6th month of 80mg. wonder if my derm had any idea what she was doing.
  4. yep, i didn't that much as well. either way, it is worth the final result.
  5. little help? i think i'm calculating it right, and i have taken 9,000 mg which is more than the 100-125 mg/kg you need i think. so i do think i am fine, and don't need the 6th month.
  6. so let's just say i am a little short on money, and can't complete the 6th month of my accutane. i have done 5 months so far 20mg 40mg 80mg 80mg 80mg question is, is it fine to stop? my acne was not TOO bad to start, and my face has been good for a while now. i tried following the sticky, adding my kg and stuff, but i'm not sure if i did it right i weigh around 115 and that comes out to 52.164 kg. 9,000 mg is what I THINK i have taken. just looking for opinions, and some math help. than
  7. i'd like to add the chopsaver also worked real well for about a week, then the skin came back.
  8. hello, have been on 80mg of accutane, and my lips are really starting to annoy me. i have used aquaphor and chopsaver, and both are able to keep my lips from getting chapped. but what annoys me is the dead? skin that stay on my lips. not sure exactly what it is, but it is constantly there. i've heard to either put sugar on my lips, or brush them off with a toothbrush. the sugar worked GREAT for a week at most, then stopped working. not sure why that happened. toothbrush was never able to get t