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  1. Thanks circumambient. I have been ordering direct from Dan, but your way sounds a lot cheaper. I'll look into it
  2. Hi Yes, I live in the north of England and I've been buying BP for 3 years, it is perfectly safe. Only I've just tried to buy some and the price of shipping has rocketed since a month ago from about $17 to $40. Is this right, please could a moderator set me straight here? Have I just clicked on the wrong thing? I used to use First Class Mail International, I think it was called, and it was very reasonable. But at $40 shipping I'm worried I won't be able to afford it now. Bulk buying to sa
  3. Tends to vary for different people, Tom. Can take a while. Not easy I know, but for me the actual outcome has been really good. Not one spot on my face as I sit here and haven't had one for well.. ages really - struggling to recall when the last one was. Been on the regimen for more than 18 months though, so it's easy for me to look back and say it was worth it, but when you're right in the middle of it it's no joke, I know. Keep strong and think of that lovely blemish free skin that is com
  4. @Chris - You can apply it to large areas as far as I am aware without any real problems. The only thing to watch out for is that it can be very drying to your skin, so lots of moisturiser first to off-set this is advisable. I tend only to use it overnight so the whitening aspect is not a great worry to me. I have sometimes put a little on during the day to small areas only though, and it does perform a concealing type of function then. I feel that using the plaster enables me to really s
  5. I have recently been trying to reduce the amount of BP I use, and guess what? I got 2 nasty just under the skin zits - you know the ones that are a bit flat, and stay there for months and do nothing...and personally I find these are the ones that scar me. I usually use Sudacrem for spot treating but the problem with these zits is they are too big for it to do much. However I have had a lot of success with putting a large (very large) dollop of Sudacrem on the spot before going to bed, th
  6. Cocozone - which is an organic coconut oil which is ozonated - is good for both eczema and acne, so it might be worth a go. I would proceed cautiously at first, as like many things, it may not agree with everyone. I am in the UK, so it will possibly have a different name where you live. I have found it good for itching that accompanies skin irritation. Some people with eczema swear by it. Here is where I get it in the UK - you could read the reviews to gain more information if you feel you
  7. Cilnique City Block is supposed to be good - you can get it in quite high spfs I believe - up to 40 at least. I have tried it and I didn't break out, but I was on the regimen so I guess that helped. If you try it, I found Ebay quite reasonable for price.
  8. I found Panoxyl 2.5% made me extremely red every time I applied it, so I'd be particularly careful to start slowly if you want to try this
  9. In my experience Panoxyl is harsh compared to Neutrogena on the spot, proactiv and Dan's BP, with Dan's BP and the Neutrogena being the least harsh. Others may disagree though.
  10. I have used panoxyl 2.5% and found it made me very red, but not everyone has this problem.
  11. Great..those zits should be quaking in their boots! Let us know how you get on or if you need to know anything else:)
  12. Mmmm. It's difficult to say. I found settling on a moisturiser quite difficult as a lot of the ones people on here talk about only seem to be available in the US. You could pick one type to try - say Olay, but only put it on part of your skin to test it and see if you react badly. I think Dan suggests trying new products on a small patch just under your chin. Then if that's okay, you can gradually cover a larger area until you feel confident just to slap it all over the place! If you react
  13. I would suggest sticking with the Cetaphil gentle cleanser, but you also need some BP gel not a BP wash. If you feel you can afford it I would buy Dan's BP gel. Just buy the small one - it is usually an 8oz tube, but at the moment he's temporarily producing it as a 8oz pump bottle. If you only order this (don't buy the big bottle) you won't have to pay customs, because it's under £18. Choose the lowest priced international delivery - that's international 1st class, which on average takes ab
  14. Hi there. First of all I think it is unlikely that the Cetaphil Gentle face wash will clear up acne all on it's own. I think if you feel it's clearing up your skin to some degree then I'd stick with it, as it is more than I would expect it to do. You don't say if you are using an 'acne fighting' product like Benzoyl Peroxide. This is vital to get rid of the little blighters, and stop new ones forming, until you (hopefully soon) grow out of the problem. There are options for what you use to
  15. Yes, that does seem to be a problem with Dan's BP in general, MrFunk. I have had watering eyes with the tube BP too, though not for a while. I heard Dan say a while ago that he was planning to keep a larger stock of BP in hand in future to let it stand for a while, as the problem seems to be related to the stuff being too 'fresh' if you catch my drift. Some people say that if you can store the new bottle with the top off for a while before use, it solves the problem. My swollen eye has gon