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  1. checkerz982

    3 Months?! whoa.

    Wow haven't been on in a LONG time! Been beyond busy, kind of forgot about this site actually. So this is just a quick update because I see no point spending forever on a machine. I am still using Birth Control as a skin clearing method, and it's still doing okay. It keeps the cystic acne away which I will forever be thankful for. However I still get some little pimples, and I honestly don't freak out about it anymore. I don't' need it to be perfectly clear, sure I want that but hey I'm a te
  2. checkerz982


    I finally discovered what was causing my breakouts! At least, I'm almost 99.9% sure. Last week I drank a TON of juice! I was careful not to choose the crap loaded with sugar so I went with the Simply stuff... and yes it still had a lot of sugar, even if they were natural sweetners.. in the end sugar is sugar and my body apparently really hates it. Well that and all the other crap I had last weekend.. Anyways, now that it's over with I'm sort of going through a detox process because like i said
  3. So now that my acne is pretty much cleared up, except for the occasional pimple, I'm dealing with all of the after math. My skin is just white and red, its so uneven and the red marks are just everywhere! I know they fade over time, but does anyone know of a good product to help improve skin tone and reduce the red marks? Obviously nothing oily please. Cheaper as well. I'm really sick of wearing cover up and would love to not have to anymore :/
  4. i used ponds dry skin cream from walgreens, worked the best for me. it does give a greasy feel, so in the day you wouldn't wanna use too much, but i would load it on at night at my skin got a lot better, cheap and great for acne prone skin.
  5. If you want the CURE for acne which this website refuses to show, email [email protected]

    The reason why it cannot be shown on this site is because they KEEP removing IT !! :@ Acne is caused by the lymphatic system, liver impairment, parasites, poor blood, damaged intestinal flora and drugs/alcohols, etc. Spread the word!

    1. checkerz982


      Gahh I don't know what's making me breakout, honestly it's been worse this month than in a while. I have a stupid cyst on my chin and right on the edge of my lip! It's not my diet because I haven't even had junk food, sugar or anything like that in a long time, I'm still washing my face twice a day etc... So anyways that's just annoying but I ordered Carley's Clear and Smooth Treatment face wash so hopefully that can help before I leave on my trips. This is just a bad month
    2. checkerz982

      Happy New Year!

      This month has just been breakout central for me sadly. I'm not sure why but I've been breaking out just about everyday, nothing like absolutely HUGE, but a lot on my forehead, like around 4 right now, and that really hasn't happened in months. Also some little under the skin white dot things around my cheek and mouth, ahh I don't know what is causing this but I really don't like it. Other than that, went to my doctor last week and got a full year of Tri-Nessa BC. Tips for any girls thinking of
    3. checkerz982

      clears up hormonal acne (cysts) and deeper pimples. takes a while to work. might cause weight gain makes you breakout at first I started this in August, Tri-Cyclen, and it really took a while to see positive effects. It really does make you breakout somewhat bad at first, and usually around the mouth and chin because those are hormonal places to breakout. It took at least three months to really start to clear up, but now it's doing a great job! As for weight gain, I don't think it did
    4. ice can take the swelling down, keep using BP too, or you can try something strongerr
    5. i always put some on a cotton ball after washing my face and then just let it dry. for me, it did dry out my face though
    6. i'm pretty sure i had those too, more around my mouth, and i found there's really not too much I could do about it anyways. I found it better to just leave them alone and they go away eventually. My toner helps clear em up now, it's thayers witch hazel. worth a shot, good luck!
    7. A derm is a good option, but if you really don't wanna go, I tried using the AcneFree kit, and it worked well for me, there's different kinds depending on how severe it is.
    8. i was on rentin a for a couple weeks a looooong time ago and it really sucks. it makes your skin beyond peely. so in your case, I would try the benzol peroxide, it's what get's under the skin. I used the AcneFree Kit and that worked really well for me, worth a shot.
    9. checkerz982


      did you try a face wash for blackheads? or any exfoliation?masks really can help too