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  1. I find I have to wash my face and around my ears twice a day, and my hair once a day (usually - occasionally I can get away with missing a day, but it isn't ideal for my SD to do that). Funny you should say about the vaseline, as I've heard that before from someone who found it a big success!
  2. Does anyone have SD of the eyelids at all? That's one of the worst places I have it - the other bad place is inside my ears. Has anyone ever found making changes to their diet helps? I am currently trying to go gluten-free (which is hard - so far I've only managed to reduce it a lot, rather than entirely cutting it out, but maybe I'll get there soon). Also, I have noticed before that if I cut dairy out I get a slight improvement.
  3. I use vegetable glycerine on my brows. If I don't have a film of that on at any one time they itch like crazy and go bright red.
  4. Has anyone tried folic acid (internally) for SD? I was just reading about it. Sounds like as high a dose as 10 mg might be necessary.
  5. Am interested to hear about the argan oil, as I use it on my hair (and think it's great stuff). I am a fan of the oil cleansing method for my face (although it does seem to affect my eyes to get them oily), so I will give the argan a go for my face.
  6. Hi all. I found this thread yesterday on another desperate Google search, and I must have spent about 2 hours reading all the way through it! It was a really interesting read. I am 37 and have suffered to some degree with my skin all my life (mostly acne), but in recent years the skin on my face has been mostly under control, and it's my seborrheic dermatitis that is dire. My mother has always had this, and my sister too, so I guess I've had the misfortune to inherit it. It's not so much th