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  1. don't use sugar anymore and I now only use the clay musk for black head on my nose weekly to clear away the oil
  2. I've decided to achieve perfect skin, I've always had moderate acne but the acne medicine I've tried never seemed to help so I've stopped, changed my moisturizer from Aveeno to Cetaphil, made a difference my skin went from Ok face to very healthy skin that it seemed that my acne changed as well, i've stopped using the acne medicine for one reason around this time by may, the medicine burned my face so I've stopped and now I'm using a acne medicine that can be bought from spanish stores much mor
  3. I've changed my rountine for washing my face. Now i only wash my face at night with the foaming cleanser and use two kinds of moisturizers for the oily and dry parts of my face. The only medication i use on my face is Differin. i've stopped using the sugar, since someone advised me that my face is a little sensitive. The change in my face is better now than before- I still have acne but not the same as before and my face is looks healthier everyday.
  4. It's been a while but my acne doesn't seem to be getting better or worse unless a product I've bought was too harsh. Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser Benzoyl Peroxide- excluding it made my acne get worse No. 7 rebalanced moisturizer- changed my cream it was way too oily for my combination skin, this is good for keeping the oily from face but it makes me break out Differin sugar- great to get rid of flakes or dead skin I've been using lots of makeup now sine I've learned how to use it fr
  5. Used the tinited moisturizer was great covered my problem areas. The good thing was my acne problems are usually most in the dry parts of my face. I didn't use too much on my t-zone, that does get oily but not too much like it's sweat, more like a shine. i've realized while my family does not have acne, my dad sweats all around his body, even when it's a little hotter than usually he sweats so much. So maybe my t-zone could be a from my dad, his face sweats but his more dark skined than the rest
  6. Organic wear® 100% Natural Origin Tinted Moisturizer bought this for my foundation, will only use a little. I got a little confused on the color system though so I was in the aile for a while narrowing the colors down. I have a very light olive tone, looks white in the morning, day, espically snowly and cloudly days. Only in the night time, where the light is yellow, you can tell it's olive tone. The only good thing on my selection was I got the right color, matched my skin tone. I have combina
  7. I've stopped playing videogames a long time ago when I finish the game that I want. Have been busy having fun with my family. My routine for the morning hasn't changed- Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser lemon Clindamycin night- Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser Differin I've decided to use the jojoba oil only for my hair and use it as a makeup remover I stopped taking my vitamins- only take once a week, my acne hasn't changed but I do feel drained and exhausted when I have my time of th
  8. I've been eating not so well these days but the only good thing about my acne is that it always has the same amount of acne everyday on my face. I've noticed when I like to look at my face in the mirror usually it's in the really early in morning, night or in the sun. These times usually mask my face from the acne, when I was highschool I woke up at in the morning and it was still dark, usually I could never really see what my acne looked like and I ususally went to the bathrooms were there was
  9. The thing about my face is that it's really oily, only my outer face is dry but most of my face is oily. It's hard to keep up on getting rid of the oily, usuallu I forget to tone my face with lemon, because later on it will not work the same. The only make I use is only for the eyes and lipstick. The problem with my face that i want to fix is these brown dots that were once pimples but are no longer and wont go away, I need to go to the doctor to find out what these brown dots are.
  10. Been busy playing videogames but have bin reading also well. I've now for two days been washing my face in the morning- Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser lemon Clindamycin (stopped using Benzoyl Peroxide after reading and being advised by a person who successful got rid of his acne by using only Differin and Clindamycin, want to try it out ) night- Cleanser again Differin jojoba oil *exercise at least thirty mintues, vitamins and trying to eat healthy
  11. It's been a few days since I've wrote something, been busy playing videogames, usually I watch TV or read some books but my brother came with all his game systems! The only thing I still remembered to do was my face and get some exercise but mostly been playing all day! Time goes by so quickly... I started playing on thursday, it's been so long and my brothers' been playing his game systems all the time at home now since his on vacation. In the weekend only wanted to stay home and play video
  12. Barly slept today. Wanted to eat some cheese for breakfeast- I know dairy is not good but I can never get away from milk based products. My entire family drinks milk and my cousins love to eat and drink it. Also the pimples on my face seems a little red, more evident on my face. I've been thinking of taking birth control pills for of course to be safe but mostly because of hormones. I know my hormones play a big part for the pimples on the face, espically before I have my period, I also ha
  13. Wakeup, great! Slept well and left for school today. My acne looks better than the last few days when I kept eating some funk food for my birthday. Felt like walking half way to school which I did. Had a converation with my brother's girlfriend about makeup. She was to buy so much makeup but she knows how to use it and looks very pretty. Have decide to keep taking baby steps to getting organic making and products, besides don't have the money yet either. My bother's girlfriend has perfect sk
  14. Wakeup- tired and not feeling to great. Haven't slept well in two days and forget to exercise yesterday, I've been exercising for an entire year at least 60-15 minutes a day - for health and stress. I also read that using napkins and tissues is a bad thing to do. But usually if I use a tissue it's for my nose or has a hint of lemon on it to wipe away the oil from my T zone. Using towels is good to clean with but I have to change every time when I use one, usually because everyone uses it and d
  15. Wake up- glad to see the patche of red was gone but now have new tiny bumps around my face. Yesterday I ate a piece of cake, a little salad,grilled chicken and meat- was good but now have new acne to deal with. I have been feeling upset for no reason and for a long period of time but I always get the side effects when I'm close to getting my period. Another kit I've used was from shiseido, got it cheap on target but did not help improve my acne but it did bleach my face. Read that cosmetics