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  1. i wear make-up everyday and take it off everynight b4 bed. I make sure my make up is mineral because the oil causes break outs
  2. As of today I am finished accutane wooohooo
  3. thanks.. do the side affects leave straight away when your done? how long have u waited to drink alcohol?
  4. i feel great.. was my last visit with my derm 2day and finished on accutane in 2 days
  5. I am finished my course of accutane in 2days And i was wondering what i should use to wash my face with daily afterwards? if you know please reply Thankss
  6. I feel exactly the same way, wen i wake up my skin is not red but as the day goes on it gets really red and hot and i am embaressed to go outside like that let alone to school. I cover myself in foundation and hope it dosent wear off. My sister has perfect skin and barely ever wears make-up not that she needs it
  7. at the begining i didnt break out at all
  8. my hair is naturally curly ive been told i have nice eyes my acne is 95% clear
  9. most days My face gets realy hot during the day and it turns red. this makes me realy selfconcious and i wear alot of make-up to cover it even though my skin is practicaly perfect and i am almost done my course on accutane. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions to get rid of the redness?
  10. I am getting off a course of 4 month accutane where I took 20 mg/ day..i was wondering if i can start drinking right after i go off or how long i need to wait? If you know please help
  11. Im off roaccutane in 10 days and I was wondering how long I have to wait too drink alchol? I'm on a 20mg dose.