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  1. Wheat is it for me.... Within 6 hours I start to itch all over, and within 24 hours the skin on my face has changed to a reddish color, almost resembling a chemical burn. The cystic ones are about 24 hours out from there. (I have found though, if I accidently ingest wheat, and realize it in time, I down water like I've never seen it before and it helps things clear up faster....)
  2. Thank you for responding back to my post and for tossing other ideas out there. But to answer your questions, I know that it is wheat, not gluten that causes my issues. I can eat rye and barley without a problem, and have paid very close attention to what causes my outbreaks, going so far as to keep an actual journal of foods and symptoms when I first started to realize that maybe the doctor had a clue... I frequent Celiac websites and forums simply because gluten free recipes/foods are a l
  3. I can not believe that I found this website and these posts! I am sensitive to wheat, and when I eat it I am miserable within 48 hours. Cystic acne all over my face, my neck breaks out, and I itch all over my arms and legs. No one believes me but my husband and my kids. Everyone else says that I am nuts and that eating a certain food can not cause acne. Well, I know that for me, it does. (It has hit a point that my 7 year old can look at me and say "Mom, what did you eat?") I originally w