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  1. thanks for the information, at least i have a good idea of where i need to start Has anyone on here seen or have dark skin and done the TCA cross, i was already debating on it because i bought a TCA cross kit from perfectcomplextion.net and it did nothing, it didnt even frost or anything and the chick didnt even respond to any of my emails so i pretty much got screwed, and now i might just go have it done professionally. I work at a bank so im constantly talking to people, is the Cross going
  2. I know this kind of topic has been done over and over, but i am so desperate for some opinions, and hopefully answers. I am mixed race, so my skin is really weird, and i rarely ever see anyone with my skin tone posting about there effects with scar revision, so i thought i might ask. So what should i consider having done? My scars are seem to be more on the icepick side, i may have a couple of rolling. Most of the scars are on my cheeks and I HATE them more then anything, there the constant rem
  3. i dont want to annoy you or anything but theres some things that are wrong with that. 1) you NEVER needle acne. it spreads it. 2) why only natural products....ive found some unnatural products are good. 3) its painful for some...like me 4) you are swapping the 1.5mm rollers that get right into scars for 0.5 and 1mm rollers. they are designed to allow topicals to enter and not to improve scars. 5) what does CE stand for. i used to have plastic toys with that on it as a kid. i thought it wa
  4. that sux i feel you, i have to watch any kind of cream or mosturizer i put on my face...did you see any kind of improvement with the cross? did it seem worth getting another one done?
  5. lol i dunno if you are joking or not about the quick responses. all i know is we all get very excited by pics and feel the need to respond...so i will too ! i dunno if dermarolling would really help mate. i have similar scars and the dermaroller just didnt get into them. i needled them then thought what the heck, i might as well tca cross them. so yup tca cross seems like the best solution for u. wonder how many other people out there who read the posts and arent members. stop lurking and
  6. wow the responses are to much, slow down everyone
  7. im using Dr. Roller 2.5 mm roller, ive used it twice so far at about 4 weeks apart, I dont know if im rolling hard enough cause i dont scab i just get what i compare to windburn for about a day and then my skin is back to normal...its just hurts so bad i wish i knew of something other then ice to numb my skin. I was thinking about just doing TCA cross a few times or maybe excision im not to sure yet which is why i wanted to see if i could get a vote
  8. Hey My Name Is James, Im New To The Board Well Actually I've Been Reading Posts On This Site Since I Was 16 (Im Now 21) But Finally Decided To Start Posting. I Had Really Horrible Acne As A Teen And Now Its Pretty Much Winded Down Now, But Im Left With These God Awful Scars..Im Currently Derma Rolling...No Results Yet, But Hopeful...I Have Some Deep Ice Pick Scarring Im Not To Sure How To Get Rid Of. Any Suggestions?
  9. so i just got the dr. roller dermaroller (2.0mm)....its hurts like crazy...does anyone know of maybe a possible numbing cream i could appy before treatment? Also how hard am i suppose to push down while rolling, even the pamphlet i got with it didnt even tell me that. ~Jamez~