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  1. Unfortunately hair loss is a side effect of mega dosing. I saw hair loss after a month, others have seen it after a week & others don't see it until years after.
  2. It's not unlikely that I lost it due to B5 because I am not the only person suffering from this. There are a lot more people than you think who are having this problem & its not just a coincidence.
  3. I was taking it for a month. I started off at 3grams and went up a gram every week. I stopped after the month (I was at 7grams) because I noticed my hair was MUCH MUCH thinner. The hair loss hasn't stopped yet and it's been 2 months. I haven't seen anyone else saying that they started growing new hair though. I on the other hand am starting to grow new hair. I'm happy about this and hoping it's a good thing, I just want to know when the falling out will stop & if anyone has grown new hair al
  4. Two months ago I stopped taking Vitamin B5 due to hair loss. My hair is still falling out in tremendous amounts but I am now starting to notice a bunch of new hairs growing in. I check my scalp regularly & each day I'm noticing more and more new hairs. I'm hoping this is a good thing but the hair falling out has not stopped yet. Anyone suffering from hair loss due to B5 please let me know if this has also happened to you.
  5. I was taking B5 for exactly 1 month. I stopped yesterday when I noticed a drastic difference in my hair. I had naturally thick thick hair(it was crazy how thick my hair was). I now only have 25% of the amount of hair that I used to have. I started off on 2G's a day & upped the dose every 5 days I was on 7 grams when I noticed the difference in my hair. I stopped immediately & I now extremely worried on what is going to happen. I plan on seeing a doctor today & drinking a lot of water
  6. Beautyy

    NONE you WILL lose your hair. I read all the great reviews on this & jumped into trying it. I really wanted it to work for me & was okay with trying it because it was Vitamins. I figured, what can happen from Vitamins right? PLEASE look into this as much as you can before trying it. Not everyone will get the same result. Today is exactly a month that I was taking this & I stopped today. The first thing I noticed is that my oil did not reduce at all. When I started taking this I had b