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  1. hey friends! sorry it has been so long since my last entry, not that you all have missed this pathetic blog so terribly much, but for the one or two ppl who like to read...i apologize. i was visiting the smoky mountains with my fiance and his family...it was less than spectacular! the transmission went out the last day of our stay...so we coasted down a mountain, then reversed up another. we were stranded (in my personal hell) for another 4 days!!! we rented a 1992, 15 passenger van (with no a.
  2. i feel gross today. ive got a total of 6 active zits and this nasty bumpy texture to my face...im just covered in itty bitty zits, yuck! i put lotion on to help my makeup go on better but it just makes my face appear greasy. my hair is dry but i just hate skipping a day of washing it. its hard because my scalp is itchy so i want to use head and shoulders but i know by washing it im drying it further... but i just never feel clean unless my hair is freshly washed. last night i got extreme
  3. hey hey! so i just got back from the lake and NO SUNBURN!!! i was so worried that i would fry and be miserable, dry, flaky and peeling...but i have none of that!! i put on 85spf twice a day for the first two days and 30spf on the third. i got a tan but im not nearly as dark as i usually am after a long weekend at the lake. surprising! in the zit department: overall my skin is better. my pores are not as enlarged and my skin isnt oily. i have maybe 3 new pimples but these are the first in 3
  4. hello all! this is day 11 of my accutane (clavaris) regimen. things are going as well as can be expected i suppose...my skin is definately not worse but definately different from the way to was before i started isotretinoin. my face has sort of an overall bumpy texture; there are just little tiny pimples all over my cheeks and jawline. i am thankful that these little friends arent cysts but its still not very pretty. the pores on my faec are enlarged, even on my forehead where im usually fine
  5. Day 8: ok soooo its been a while...SRY! im afraid of posting this report...i dont want to jinx myself and wakeup covered in cysts! but, so far, sooooooo good! i dont know if its because ive been on my period this last week or if the accutane is really working this quickly and this effectively. the only real downer to this drug is the headaches. i have one everyday without fail. it just feels like there is so much pressure in my brain, behind my eyes and in my ears; the headaches really scare my
  6. first off...thanks for the happy comments!!!! im so excited and anxious to tell anyone who will listen! im still walking on air and flaunting a relentless smile! in the skin department: the acne i had before starting accutane seems to have tried up! ive had probably 3 new zits but they come and go within a day! im definately not as oily which is also a plus and makes my makeup look tons better! the only negative side-effects so far are the headaches! they come daily; theyre not the worst in the
  7. ok soooo monday i got my accutane prescription and yeah it was a momentous ocassion but thats not why monday was so amazing...it was amazing because i got ENGAGED!!! yup i am engaged!!! finally...after 2 and a half years with the most amazing, knid, handsome and perfect man, he finally made me his fiancee. i am SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!! i won't bore you with the scenareo because i know we're all here for acne, not love stories...but i just had to share my excitment! ok so my face...i started my perio
  8. i swear sometimes i think my dermatologist ruined my skin! but no i didn't have to be on my period when i took my tests, i told my derm i have a really irregular period. i think they have this thing where you take a pregnancy test 5 days after ur period if its normal, but since mine has been irregular it doesnt apply to me. i got my blood done the day i got my prescription written and i was supposed to get it that day but my doctor forgot to register me into the ipledge thing so i had to wait an
  9. hey kate! soooo ive done this before...the cleanse, the diet, the supplements and yeah i believe that all of these things can help...but i dont think its the solution. i don't mean to be a downer...all things are definately possible and some people have had remarkable success with this type of treatment. my best friend got really bad acne last summer and for about two months she was religious about her acne diet and vitamin regimen...her acnce was persistant and everytime she had a gram of sugar
  10. YAY for progress! maybe your not so fun side affects will subside quicker this time since its just a dosage upper! good luck!
  11. good luck!!! i start tommorrow...i think, if my blood tests and pregnancy tests are clear (somethings up if im pregnant tho...idk when that could have happened)!
  12. hey! this is not in regards to your beach experience but i was reading your background info and it sounds alot like mine. ive had this on again off again relationship with acne and ive had some good and not so good experiences with an aesthetician. she had my skin clear for about 3-4 months until she dermaplaned my face then poured salycilic acid all over my face...immediately after that appointment i developed cystic acne! i start accutane tommorrow...or at least i think i do. my 31 day waiting
  13. i thought my doctor did...the nurse told me i would need to be menstruating and asked me when i would have my next period. maybe i misunderstood..idk but your comment makes me feel much better. i have been so worried all day! p.s. ive been following your blog...sounds like youre having pretty good progress! good luck with the rest of your accutane course!
  14. i am freaking out!!!! tommorrow is my derm appointment to get my accutane prescription and as all of the girls know, you have to be on your period to have your blood taken and your pregnancy test done. yesterday was supposed to be my first day and this morning im still not! it usually doesnt come until the second day but im not having any cramps...im ravenous and i was sooooo p.m.s.ing the week before but now...NO PERIOD! i am praying that the flood gates open soon!!! why do they need me to be o
  15. that's so awesome...a concert pianist! i tried paino when i was very young but im just not very musically inclined. but i know how the age thing makes you feel...i was babysitting with a friend recently and the dad asked which high school i go to! i was so mad... well sir i actually just finished my sophmore year of college! he thought it was funny and his wife assured me that ill appreciate that when im older....hhmmmm doubt it but thanks! i always dress very mature, try my best to look like a