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  1. This sounds awsome ABC fairy! I def wanna try this! Im sure someone already asked this but how many times a day do you drink a smoothie?
  2. i have the most annoying kind of acne on my forhead. Its filled with tiny little bumps that seem like they will never go away! Then my chin is filled with a bunch of blackheads that look gross. Whats the best way to get rid of this kind of acne? any natural remedies?
  3. I work outside and i think this humid weather is really making my acne worse. Does anyone have any tips on how to control acne during humid weather?
  4. Okay so im going to be living in Tampa next year and even though i know the sun is bad i love the sun and CANT STAND being pale during the summer.. The problem is the sun alwayyyyyys makes me breakout and it makes me soo mad. Is there any acne medications that won't make my skin sensitive to the sun? and is there anyway I can prevent breakouts from comming after i lay out in the sun? Thanks so much!