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  1. Thank you for sharing this! I would like to explore the use of Essential Oils as an alternative to the regimens I've been on and this is very helpful :)
  2. I am doing BP twice a day, what I meant by missing an application was if I forgot to do the nightly application (or morning) and only putting BP on once a day.
  3. Here's what happened: I went swimming around 4PM the other day (in a pool). Didn't shower or rinse off. Went home and passed out sometime later than evening, I can't remember if I woke up and put on my night application of the Regimen or not. I woke up and my skin seemed pretty dry and I had some pimple development, guess my skin got too dry and broke out? What am I supposed to do when I go swimming? Rinse off with clean water afterward to take the chlorine off, then make sure I don't miss my
  4. I'm about 12 weeks into the Regimen and I cant get fully clear skin yet. Even worse, if I miss an application one or two days in a row (doing it once a day) my skin breaks out in red pimples that take another 3 days to clear up. It's like I break out worse than when I wasn't on the regimen. I'm still using basic DKR cleaner, BP, and moisturizer. My acne consists of lots of non-inflamed, tiny whiteheads that seem to develop deeper in my skin and make my skin look rough/bumpy, sometimes they eve
  5. I feel into a bad sleeping routine last week (sleeping through the day and up all night) and I ended up only doing the regimen once a day. Id basically have the same BP/moisturizer on my face all day. Is there a problem with that? Should I still be washing my face and applying some fresh moisturizer even if I only BP once? I remember one time I woke up and patted the excess oil off my face. Then I ended up falling back asleep and when I woke up for good, I had even more oil on my face. What was
  6. Does anyone have more info regarding how sweating and the regimen works? I've been experiencing some changes lately and the regimen seems like it's barely working. My face stings for as long as it has moisturizer on it and I'm getting redness in places that I only had redness when i first started. I'm not sure if my skin is being over dried or what.
  7. So the regimen says to apply the whole deal twice a day, morning and night. Would it help speed up the process if I added a third application sometime in the evening? Lets say 11AM, 6PM, and 11PM are the three application times. Would that help?
  8. Which one is it (Olay has a whole "Complete" line)? Is it an AHA moisturizer? http://www.olay.com/Pages/CompleteProducts...al+moisturizers
  9. I'm 4/5 weeks into the Regimen, things were going normally I guess. Then I went down to a friends shore house for the weekended just before moving up to school. Because of partying and sleeping arrangements, I basically didn't do the Regimen for 4 days. At the time I thought it would be ok because my skin was really red and dry, I figured it would let my skin recover. Well, I seemed to get a bad breakout on my forehead and now my nose. I've been back on the Regimen for a week but I've never had
  10. I'm incredibly tired of my eyes burning because I have pimples near my eyes (underneath). I know the skin near my eyes is 1/10 as thick, that's why it's burning when the BP is absorbed. How far away can BP be applied to a problem area and it still affecting said area? If I could perhaps BP even 1/4" farther away from my eyes it would be great. Or should I just go really light on BP near my eye? Since we're on topic, what kind of damage does BP do to the eye?
  11. Do you have hard water? At my old house we did and my skin dried like crazy, couldn't stop the flakes and my skin would always burn. Now that our water is better, my skin is holding up a lot better.
  12. So I'm supposed to moisturize my skin, but then I'm supposed to wipe it off because it's too oily? That doesn't make sense to me. Am I supposed to be going very light on the moisturizer (but directions say 1-2 pumps, I'm using 1 pump). Thanks again.
  13. I have been using the Acne.org Moisturizer since I started the regimen (3 weeks ago now). It makes the skin on my face incredibly shiny, and I mean like an oily shine (not a healthy glow). Are there any good moisturizers that won't do this? I have recently started using Jojoba oil, but it doesn't seem to add any extra shine (it absorbs by itself after a while). Thank you for the help!
  14. So I'm 2.5 weeks into the Regimen, good stuff so far. My only issue is handling the pimples that are near my eyes. Dan says that he stays about 1 inch away from his eyes when he applies BP, but I have pimples as close as 1/4" away. I've been applying BP close to my eyes anyways, though sometimes I feel like some of it is getting on my eyelids. Although, that is most likely the BP from my forehead/nose when I sweat. Regardless, how do I safely apply BP so it doesn't irritate my eyes. Thank you!